Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Greenhouse Bloom 6 . . .

Remember to left click for a larger image.

While touring gardens at last year's National in Orlando, I spotted a seedling at Dan Trimmer's place. I asked Dan about it and he said that he wasn't keeping it and would send it to me if I would like. My answer, "Yes," could have been heard clear across the garden. It is a cross of an unknown seedling X Kaskell's Best Edge seedling. It is about 6½" and flat as a pancake with extremely heavy substance. The color is pretty accurate. It has a neon green edge which does not show up in this picture. Best of all, I believe he sent the whole thing to me. Here is what I refer to as "Party Time".

I try to be very careful with my cross tags, but this one has me stumped. I suppose it is possible with all of the genetic variations possible, but I still question it. I show it as a cross of H. 'Lone Wolf' (Grace-Smith 2004) upper left, as the pod parent and H. 'Robert W. Carr' (Pickles 2010) lower left, as the pollen parent. I guess now that I look at the parents together, it is quite possible. RWC was named to honor our late friend, Bob Carr. The result is seedling No. 9065 shown below.

The seedlings continue to amaze me. Another blooming was No. 8190 a cross of (Salter No. 1 Seedling) top left X Larry Allen Miller) bottom left. The resulting seedling can be seen below. The Salter No. 1 Seedling (named by me) came to me in unusual circumstances. I purchased a named variety from Jeff and when it bloomed, this seedling came up in the middle of it, evidently from a seed that had dropped on the ground and germinated. It has been an unusually good parent for me.

The temperatures here have broken heat records the last few days. Now, tomorrow, it is supposed to rain and a cold front come through bringing possible frost in a couple nights.

I hope you are enjoying our blog, if indeed, anyone is reading it.

Life is very, very good.



  1. Lee, your seedlings are just beautiful. And yes, someone is reading your blog!
    Carol Sims

  2. Lee,
    I love seeing the pictures on your blog, and I read it too!LOL
    I also enjoy your website.It is one of the most informative sites that exists about daylilies. I encourage new members of our club to visit your site.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with everyone.