Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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Jean and I made a trip to Wilmington, DE this past weekend to visit our son and family. It is always amazing to see how much Ben (15) and Max (11) have grown. Friday night I had a ping pong tournament with them and they named it "The Friday night massacre" so I guess you really don't need to know the score. I told them that my reflexes were 20 seconds slow so they would have to play 20 seconds slower . . . they didn't buy it.

Saturday we visited the Nemours Mansion, the home of Phillip I Dupont. What an incredible home and what incredible innovations the man designed himself. I guess the one that stood out to me was this elaborate method for making ice for his homemade ice cream. The mansion was full of innovations.

Another highpoint was seeing the array of vehicles this man had. The one that stood out was a 1960 Rolls Royce. We were told that there were 10 made of this model, Queen Elizabeth had the 1st, Phillip Dupont's 3rd wife the 2nd, plus Wayne Newton and Sir Elton John have one each. When asked about the value, he said in the neighborhood of 1 million. Here is a picture of our son Jaimie and me beside this classic.

My first thought was to tell you that this was our rental car and chauffeur, but if that were the case, the chauffeur would probably be in a tux.

I mentioned my seedling No. 9080 (Fringe Benefit X Horny Devil) on the robin and how fertile it was. All I had to do was stand across the greenhouse and point the pollen at it and it set a pod. Here is No. 9080.

Otheres that I mentioned that were very pod fertile for me this year were: WONDER OF IT ALL, BLUEGRASS MEMORIES, ROCK SOLID, RAZORWIRE, and ROBERT W. CARR.

Exciting things happen to those who hybridize daylilies!

Life is very, very good. Remember, when the bloom is gone, you still have your friends!


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