Friday, August 20, 2010

Seedling trays in greenhouse . . .

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An update on the seedlings started from seed in the greenhouse on July 29, 2010. They are now about 3 weeks post planting. There are even some still germinating. The image below is shows the 3-week seedlings. This will also give me a benchmark picture at the time of drenching with the Essentials Plus 101 mixture posted on the email robin. Thought I would give it a try.

If you have never seen albino seedlings, check the image below and you will see two. Albino seedlings lack chlorophyll which is needed for growth. No matter what you do to these seedlings, they will not survive. Here I show the albino seedlings.

I started planting the peat pots on August 2, so they are about 18 days old at this time. I never get as good of germination planting seeds in individual pots as I do when I plant them in bulk. Don't know what the difference is. Maybe some more of these will germinate yet. Here are the peat pots.

Remember the plants I lined out in 100° heat and I was worried about their survival. Well, here is a picture taken today and you can see that they have even started growing, showing new green growth. Let's hope they continue. Since lining them out, we have had over 1½" of rain so I hope all that moisture doesn make them rot in this heat. 

You can compare all of these picture to ones posted earlier on this blog.

Because of all the heat and lack of rain, we have not had much rebloom here this year. One seedling that is reblooming now is Seedling No. 0769 (Mandalay Bay Music X Belle Cook). Please notice all of the tentacles on the lower edge of the petals.

Now is the time to start planning to attend the Daylily Hybridizer's Summit in Chattanooga (formerly the Myrtle Beach meeting)  on December 3-5, 2010. For more information, contact me at

Exciting things happen to those who hybridize daylilies!

Life is very, very good. Remember, when the bloom is gone, you still have your friends!



  1. Hi Lee,
    What is this essentials plus 101 mix ?


  2. Josh,
    Here is the information that Phil Reilly put on the email robin.

    Godd "ol Danny boy (Dan Trimmer) has been consulting with some super breeders in the backwoods of Georgia, and has "borrowed" their technique. Dan swears by this and is really getting super results. So I'll pass the info along to all of you so we can all achieve better results together.
    There's a product called- "Essentials Plus 1-0-1". It comes in both gallon jugs, and 2.5 gallon jugs, and it is a powerhouse of bonafide nourishment for daylilies, especially seedlings.

    Here's the recipe--
    In a two gallon watering can, (available for $1.99 at K-mart, wal-mart and lowes,etc.),
    Mix- 3 ounces of liquid "Essentials Plus 1-0-1"
    3 drops of SUPERTHRIVE, (yes-Just three drops, not more.).
    3 levels tablespoons of Peters water soluble 10-10-10

    That's it. don't add more than what is shown here. You may burn your little babies.!
    Water your seedling trays well, or thoroughly.
    Repeat every four days for about six weeks, and stand back. You will witness a small miracle that will be the envy of every daylily nut for a hundred miles around.
    Your little babies will grow into lush juvenile plants in one season, and may even send up a scape to surprise you...
    Just don't overdo it. A little "extra" in the mix does more harm than good. Be warned.!
    That's it. Enjoy,!
    Phil Reilly, down in Mecca, dead center.......

  3. Hi
    Great to read about the fertilizer.
    I also note better germination sowing many seeds in one pot.I suppose they are not as easily overwatered (and then the gnats come) grown together. I also transplant the whole pot together first time. I just put the whole clump in a deeper pot with long time fertilizer mixed in the compost. Only divide them up when they go out in the beds.

  4. Hi Dagliljan,
    Believe it or not, I can see a difference in just 3 days. They are taller already. Will give them another dousing tomorrow, the fourth day.

    Enjoyed the pictures on your new blog. Were those seedling images? Have a great day.

  5. Hi Lee,

    I have not yet been able to find a Canadian source of Essentials Plus 1-0-1. I did notice that the rest of he solution contains a lot more fertilizer and higher frequency than I am used to. i may end up trying Superthrive and fertilizer next year to see what happens. If the seedlings are in the ground how do you know how much water to add? I am always worried that I haven't added enough. How much would you add to a 1 gallon pot?

    Edward Kimball
    Timberlea, NS, Canada