Sunday, March 27, 2011

What is blooming in the greenhouse

I feel very fortunate to have a greenhouse. It not only allows me to do my hybridizing early, but it extends my season probably more than double. I have told you about my starting seeds in 2" X 2" X 3" peat pots last fall and then transplanting them to trade 1 gallon pots. Well, today I had my first 2 blooms on 9 month seedlings with many more to come in the next few days. This is my first experience with 9 month seedlings. One of them was a H. 'Bluegrass Memories' kid which was not noteworthy. The second bloom was significant to my yellow line. The cross was Seedling No. 9008 [(Spectral Elegance X Wonder Of It All) X (Unknown Seedling X Kaskell Best Edge Seedling)] the latter having the garden name of "Tom Allen" from Dan Trimmer.

Trimmer Seedling
(Unknown Seedling X Kaskell's Best Edge Seedling) with the garden name of "Tom Allen".

Seedling No. 9008
(Spectral Elegance X Wonder Of It All)
The resulting 9 month seedling No. 1001. The seedling does not show any of the color from the "Tom Allen" seedling except prior to opening, the sepals did show a little edge color. This seedling was about 30" high and the bloom was at 6". It also has very heavy substance and does exhibit light sculpting. Jean's comment was, "Your yellows just keep getting better and better". I need to take this one back to something with color, maybe Bill Waldrop's H. 'Kinnesaw Mountain Hayride'.

A selected seedling from the 2000 crop also bloomed today. Seedling No. 0004, a cross of (Roses And Gold X Max Pickles). I like this dark red very much. It has a watermark, a very green throat, and a small thin edge of yellow.

H. 'Max Pickles' named for our 12 year old grandson and introduced in 2007.

H. 'Roses And Gold' a Stamile 2003 introduction
 Seedling No. 0004 (Roses And Gold X Max Pickles)

Named cultivars blooming today.
H. 'Ledgewood's Pansy Eye' 
(Abajain 2005)

One of my favorite reds
H. 'Doug's Caress'
(Holley, S. 2009)
From my friend, David Hansen from Papillion, NE
H. 'Mirriam Anne' (2010)
I believe it was named for their daughter.

H. 'Happy Happy'
(Smith, Frank 2009)
And last but not least, a green edged seedling No 149-06 from Jeff Salter.

It was a very good day and I expect them to just get better and better. This year I will be concentrating more on reds, teeth, and eyes and edges.

Life is very, very good.



  1. Yes Lee I can see it was a very good day for you. Great looking seedlings and I am hoping in about two hours I will be the owner of Happy Happy too form the auction

  2. Great "yellow" seedling Lee; those very wide edges are to be envious of.

    David Hansen

  3. Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by. I am looking forward to more of the seedlings blooming. My one disappointment in Happy Happy is the substance (at least in the greenhouse). It lacks a little which allows the petals to roll in a little. But the big eye and wide edge are amazing.

  4. Hi David, thanks for commenting on my blog. Sometimes it seems that I am doing this for myself. Glad you liked Seedling No. 1001. Yellows are my passion and my downfall. Sometimes I have a hard time seeing past them to other colors. By the way, your Mirriam Anne was wonderful wit her good substance and wonderful subtle colors. Congratulations, your daughter must be proud.