Monday, September 19, 2011

2012 Introductions . . . Part 7

What a great weekend! I flew to Hartford, Connecticut on Friday to speak to the Connecticut Daylily Society on Saturday. Friday night I was picked up at the hotel and taken to dinner by club president Russ Allen. We were joined by Phil Douville and Cheryl Fox. Nice conversation and they tried to get me to talk about daylilies but I told them to wait until Saturday so they wouldn't have to hear the same thing twice.

Saturday morning, Gary Jones picked me up at the hotel and took me on a driving tour of Hartford, including the Mark Twain house where he used to work. It would have been nice to take the inside tour, but I just cannot walk steps. I saw a lot of the insurance company buildings that my son consults with.

Saturday, after the meeting, Rich Howard took me to his home to see his operation. Rich also has a greenhouse and although we have never corresponded about our operations, we do a lot of things very similar. Rich uses the No. 38 seed trays, and like me, has a lot of the resulting seedlings are still to be planted.

Rich presented me with a cap, but not just any cap, a "Life is good" cap. Rich asked me, "Please be diligent in wearing  this cap to help keep anything else from leaking out". What a friend! Here I am tilling under the 3500 seedlings in the field that were non selects. I till them in to help put nutrients back in the soil. You can see me wearing Rich's cap. Then, a close up to show the logo. When I went inside, I looked in the cap and saw that nothing new had leaked out. Just left click for a larger image.

2012 Introduction No. 7 (Left click for a larger image)

H. 'Orange Blossom Lane’
s/f ... $85.00 ... d/f ... $125.00
35" E SEv Re EMO Ext 6". 3-way branching, 18 buds. Petals 3”, sepals 2”.
    Opens with perfect form every time. The large 6" flower is a soft orange marmalade self but it does have a very faint rose halo. The flower is finished by with very green throat. The heavy substance makes the flower rain and sun resistant. The wide petals are lightly folded and ruffled which also carries through on the sepals. Fertile both ways in the greenhouse. No.0710 (Enchanted Dreams X tetra Connie Burton)

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Life is very, very good.


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