Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24, 2012

Flowers in the greenhouse, March 24, 2012

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There is nothing much more exciting (remember, I am 76) than going into the greenhouse each morning to see what new is blooming. This morning there were 4 blooming, 3 were new.

 The first flower I noticed this morning was a green edged guest seedling from Jeff Salter. The edge is much more green than it shows. I have noticed that this trait is hard to photograph for some reason.

A seedling which bloomed for the first time last year is Seedling No. 1102 (Singular Sensation X Priscilla's Smile). When I saw this bloom in the garden, I knew that I would need to take it into the greenhouse to use in hybridizing. This flower also exhibits light green in it's edge.

One of our 2011 introductions, H. 'Groovin' ' was blooming this morning.
30" M SEv Re 6¼". Three-way branching, 17 buds. One of our long line of sculpted seedlings and probably the heaviest sculpting  of all. The grooves appear to be carved out with a chisel. If you look at most sculpting in this color range, you will think the raised area of the sculpting is a different color. However, upon close scrutiny, it is the same color as the flower but the sculpting creates this optical illusion. The flower is a polychrome of maize and pink overlaying ivory. The flower can be funky-like in the image, or it can be a round, full form. The petal edges are heavily ruffled. The substance is like cardboard and holds up well in the sun. Pod and pollen fertile. Petals are 3", sepals 1¾". Seedling No. 0624 (Doc Branch X Bas Relief).

Life is very, very good.



  1. Hello Lee,
    As I was reading your first bloom message this morning, I told to myself that it will be a great year.

    This evening (in France...) as I am reading this new message and after I spent many hours in the garden today I can shout IT WILL BE A GREAT YEAR, yeahh !!

    Even if there is no scape at all at this time...


  2. Hi hemeroca7,
    Thanks for looking at my blog. We have had strange weather this spring, very warm for us, more like late April early May weather. I look at all the seedlings to bloom this year and I agree, it will be a great year.