Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blooms, April 11, 2012

Blooms in the greenhouse, April 11, 2012

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After all of the above normal temperature days we had in March, here it is April 11 and we are expecting some frost tonight. If we do get some, I don't think the temps are going to be low enough here to hurt any of the daylilies or other plant material. Today, I will show you four seedlings that were blooming in the greenhouse.

Yes, another yellow, a sib to the yellow seedling I showed on April 8. Again, until I have time to look up the parentage, this will be Seedling No. 2006 (Seedling X Seedling). If you remember correctly, the previous seedling had 5-way branching. Seedling 2006 only has 4-way branching but is a little taller than it's sib.

Seedling No. 2005 (Rock Solid X Red Sapphire). I like Rock Solid as a parent, because it is dormant and produces a lot of dormant kids. I like the exploding eye of Red Sapphire and it seem to pass it on to its kids.
WOW, this one knocked my socks off. All of ruffling and I have not seen it hang up. Seedling No. 1102 (Singular Sensation X Priscilla's Smile. It does have some green in the petal edges and has a nice green throat as well. Using in in my green program.
This is one of my favorite fringed seedlings. No. 9080 (Fringe Benefit X Horny Devil. I have used this a lot in my program for teeth and fringes. It works well with eyed and edged cultivars as well.

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  1. I love all these, Lee. The colors on the Rock Solid x Red Sapphire kid look clean and candy-like. The big round rose pink knocks me out!

  2. Lee - I like the yellow #2006. Well done!

  3. n# 1102 if fantastic ! what a great pink and fabulous edge. I love it

  4. Lee, nice variety of seedlings for viewing....can't seem to decide which is my favorite....L;)