Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road Trip/Bloom 4-14-11

Last week I had a phone call from Tommy Maddox's wife, Joyce. We talked for awhile and then we got to the crux of the call. She said, "Tommy is going to give a talk in Nashville on Tuesday night. Tommy is getting up in age and is getting very forgetful. I know you have heard him talk many times and could probably give his presentation if needed. I would consider it a big favor if you would go listen and help him if he forgets what he is talking about. Also, he has decided not to do any more talks and I would like your help in getting to change his mind. I can't bear the thought of having him around the house for 365 days a year. Help me get him some more talks so I can get some peace!" Who could say no to such a lovely lady.

Jean and I headed up I-24 Tuesday wanting to get to Jay and Peggy Turman's house early enough to go to dinner with them and Tommy. When we got to the restaurant, I pulled Tommy to the side and said, "These people are friends of mine, so please don't embarrass me." Well, we got to the talk, I helped him remember a couple things as he was talking, but all in all, he did a pretty good job. Here is a picture of Tommy at the podium. Notice on the screen the words, Nashville, TN. I asked Tommy why he had a slide like that in his talk and he replied, "So I don't forget where I am". Just sayin'

Now to the greenhouse bloom. I am getting some exciting seedlings from Jeff Salter's 2010 introduction H. 'Camelot Red'. Albeit, they are on the small size, but I am hoping that grown outside, they will get some more size on them. The colors are very saturated and many have a large watermark. All have had the exquisite round, full form that I prefer.

Pollen Parent
H. 'Camelot Red'
(Salter, 2010)

Pod Parent
Seedling No. 8181
(Awesome Bob X Larry Allen Miller)

This is a 9 month seedling
Seedling No. 1040
[Awesome Bob X Larry Allen Miller) X Camelot Red]

Pollen Parent
Kaskell's BEST EDGE seedling

Pod Parent
Seedling No. 0753
(Mandalay Bay Music X Wonders Never Cease)

This is a 9 month seedling
Seedling No. 1036
[(Mandalay Bay Music X Wonders Never Cease) X Kaskell's BEST EDGE seedling]


Pollen Parent
Trimmer Seedling "Tom Allen" (Garden Name)

Pod Parent
H. 'Wonder Of It All)
(Carr, 2006)
This is a 9 month Seedling
Seedling No. 1019
(Wonder Of It All X Trimmer "Tom Allen" seedling)

This is a 9 month seedling, same parentage as 1019
Seedling No. 1018
(Wonder Of It All X Trimmer "Tom Allen" seedling)

Pollen Parent
H. 'Free Wheelin''
(Stamile, 2004)

Pod Parent
Seedling 9033
(Lipstick On My Collar X Crazy Ivan) 

 This is a 9 month seedling
Seedling No. 1024
[(Lipstick On My Collar X Crazy Ivan) X Free Wheelin']

And to finish with a couple named varieties.
H. 'Blue Me Away'
(Smith, F, 2008)
H. 'Kennesaw Mountain Hayride'
(Waldrop, 2007)
I hope you enjoyed today's blog.

Life is very, very good.



  1. Lee,
    I love that 1024! Wow, I have loved every seedling I've ever seen out of Freewheelin parentage....I haven't made any crosses with it in a couple of years, but, you have inspired me....
    Linda Hassler

  2. Linda,
    This is the one you saw when you visited.

  3. oh....I can see that now...the dark background fooled me into thinking maybe it was a sibling....

  4. Lee, this seems to be your year; great seedlings. Aren't you glad you started doing some UF's?


  5. Hi Dave,
    I think the jury is still out on the UF's. I have said all along that I do like the cascading form. I think they are striking.

    However, even though the 2 UF's have garnered the most comments, I am really proud of thereds that I am getting. I don't know how Jeff's H. 'Camelot Red' would do for you in Nebraska, but I think it is an outstanding parent.

    Thanks for commenting.

  6. Seedling 1040 is astonishingly beautiful!