Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is blooming in the greenhouse 4/6/11

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There was a little frost last night in the outlying areas of the Scenic City. We were just on the edge here in Middle Valley. However, when I walked into the greenhouse this morning, everything was toasty and blooms open.

The first seedling to catch my eye was Seedling 1010 [Blue Desire X [(Seedling No. 9049 Robert W. Carr X Serenity Bay)]. This is another of the 9 month seedlings.

Pollen Parent
Seedling No. 9049
(Robert W. Carr X Serenity Bay)

Pod Parent
H. 'Blue Desire'
(Gossard, 2007)

Seedling No. 1010 [Blue Desire) X [(Robert W. Carr X Serenity Bay)

The next was Seedling No. 0038 (Wonder Of It All X Roses and Gold). This seedling first bloomed in the field in 2010, was potted and brought into the greenhouse for hybridizing.

Pollen Parent
H. 'Roses and Gold'
(Stamile, 2003)
Pod Parent
H. 'Wonder of It All'
(Carr, 2005)
Seedling No. 0038 (Wonder of It All X Roses and Gold)

Next was Seedling No. 0038 (Lone Wolf X Robert W. Carr). This was another seedling that bloomed in 2010 and brought into the greenhouse for hybridizing.

Pollen Parent
H. 'Robert W. Carr'
(Pickles, 2010)

Pod Parent
H. 'Lone Wolf'
(Grace-Smith, 2004)
Seedling No. 0038 (Lone Wolf X Robert W. Carr)

Some of the named varieties that bloomed this morning.
H. 'Grand Masque' (Stamile, 2004)

H. 'Marilyn Morss Johnson' (Morss, 2007) Named to honor Mort's twin sister who passed away in 2011.

And last, but not least
H. 'Robert W. Carr' (Pickles, 2010). Named in honor of my friend, Dr. Robert W. Carr who passed away in October 2007.

That is it for today, my friends, hope you enjoyed the fruits of my labor.

Life is very, very good.



  1. You have some real winners today my friend.

  2. Lee, this blog is just fabulous! To see the results of a cross, with both parents' photos beside the seedling is so valuable- a great learning tool.
    The WOIA x R&G seedling is beautiful. I hope it performs well for you and is an intro in years to come.
    Please keep up the great work-I am sure there are many other people beside me who appreciate your efforts.
    New Zealand

  3. Hi David,
    Good to hear from you. DAVID L. HANSEN was blooming in the greenhouse this morning but because of my trip to visit Bill Waldrop, I did not get any pollen put on it. Will rectify that on the next bloom.

  4. Hi Duncan, WOW, clear from New Zeland. I appreciate your comments. At times it seems that I am doing this for my enjoyment only . . . well, maybe that is part of it. Keep looking and enjoying and let me know when you do a blog with your blooms.