Sunday, April 10, 2011

What is blooming in the greenhouse 4/11/11

The reds are starting to come in and what fabulous saturated colors they are. One disappointment is that some of them are "small flowered" and I was hoping to get large flowers. Well, maybe next generation. Anyway, let's take a look at what is blooming.

Pollen Parent
Seedling No. 9649
(Robert W. Carr X Serenity Bay)

Pod Parent
H. 'Blue Desire'
(Gossard, 2007
(Photo by T. Preuss)
Seedling No. 1027 [Blue Desire X ( Seedling No. 9649 Robert W. Carr X Serenity Bay)

Pollen Parent
H. 'Free Wheelin''
(Stamile, 2004)

Pod Parent
Seedling No. 9649
(Robert W. Carr X Serenity Bay)

Scary, where did that come from?
Seedling No. 1031 [(Seedling No. 9649 Robert W. Carr X Serenity Bay) X Free Wheelin']

Pollen Parent
H. 'Camelot Red'
(Salter, 2010)

Pod Parent
H. 'Jean Pickles'
(Pickles, 2008)
Seedling No. 1028 (Camelot Red X Jean Pickles)

Same parentage as Seedling No. 1028
Seedling No. 1030 (Camelot Red X Jean Pickles)

 Same parentage as Seedling No. 1028 and 1030
Seedling No. 1016 (Camelot Red X Jean Pickles)

And the last seedling for today
Pollen Parent
H. 'Wonders Never Cease'
(Carr, 2003)

Pod Parent
H. 'Mandalay Bay Music'
(Salter, 2001)

Seedling No. 0742 (Mandalay Bay Music X Wonders Never Cease)

And now, one of my favorite named varieties
H. 'Bluegrass Memories' (Preuss, 2006)

Well, that is it for today. Please enjoy and if you see fit, leave a comment.

Life is very, very good



  1. Oh, Lee, you just continue to have exciting blooms! I LOVE the one from your seedling #1031 x Freewheelin....lovely curls and twirls....I think you have entered your 'ufo period'....can't wait to see more. I loved the one we saw yesterday in your greenhouse....the form was beautiful and the color and pattern remarkable! I mean it...I want on a list to purchase it when it becomes available.

    Sam and I very much enjoyed seeing your blooms....thank you for being so gracious to us. Thank Jean again for sharing the Verbena with me....I planted it as soon as we got home...watered it in well and it looks good today...put it in 2 spots near Pickles intros (long ago gifts from Jay and Peggy) in a mixed border.
    Linda Hassler

  2. Lee, in spite of reds being my favorite color, your seedlings #0742 captivates me with the super wide petals, great edge and sculpting. A great bunch of winners today.


  3. Hi Lee, another great posting, and a couple of impressive looking seedlings...
    The Seedling No. 0742 (Mandalay Bay Music X Wonders Never Cease)is lovely, I really do like the sculpting and the edge.
    I dont have a blog, but I do have seedling photos on
    Please have a look-I would love to hear your opinions...
    All the best,
    New Zealand

  4. Thanks again for an excellent posting.
    I really like your seedlings, especially the Free Wheelin seedling (looks like a Monster in the Bulrushes!). I have had my eyes on Free Wheelin for some time, so I'll have to make a plan to get hold of it !
    Christiaan, South Africa

  5. Thanks for all your comments.

    Everyone seems to like 0742. I have been trying to build up enough stock and then one of my trading partners wants a piece and I have to work on more. Will check with some of them to see if they have increase they could return.

    Duncan, I will have a look.

    Christiaan, Free Wheelin' is not pod fertile just so you will know. I pollenated about 50 blossoms in the greenhouse and thought I had one pod set . . . then it aborted.

  6. Hi Duncan,

    Just had a look at your seedlings but could not figure out how to place comments there so, hope you look back here. I particularly like your R&G reds as reds are one of my main thrusts right now. Elisa Dallas has been a good parent for me also. Nice seedlings, thanks for sharing. Lee

  7. I do not have any word to explain the beauty of greenhouse. These flowers are so, beautiful.