Sunday, May 2, 2010

Greenhouse Bloom 15 . . .

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I had decided about a week ago that I have more pods made in the greenhouse than I could ever plant so I announced that I would quit hybridizing on May 1. Below is what I wrote to the email robin on May 1:

"Today was my goal to quit hybridizing for the year. I will bet I have had 100 (well, maybe 1) phone calls asking if I stopped. First, I need to explain something. When I walked into the greenhouse this morning and saw Don Lovell's SELWYN, Melanie Mason's CHERRIES JUBILEE, Bill Waldrop's KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE, Carol Emmerick's DESIRE OF NATIONS, Mort Morss's MARILYN MORSS JOHNSON, my seedlings 9046 and 9049, plus several other outstanding daylilies in bloom, I could not resist, I made some crosses.

When Jean came into the greenhouse and saw what I was doing, she said, "You lied to me." I said, "No, I didn't lie, I just did not meet my goal." Happens all the time. I could just see the results of those crosses in my mind! Oh well, maybe tomorrow, then again, maybe not."

Well, today was May 2 and this should have been my second day sans pollen spreading. Let me show you some things blooming this morning and then you decide what I did.

Seedling No. 9040 (Awesome Bob X Larry Allen Miller). This is the only flower from several saved of that cross that was not a purple or red purple, it is a cherry red.

Seedling No. 0718 (Jean Pickles X Wonder Of It All. More of a medium red with a large orange to green throat and medium sculpting. Great substance and a very ruffled edge trimmed in yellow to match the throat.

Seedling No 0777 (Jean Pickles X Painting The Roses Red) A very dark red with a lighter watermark, medium ruffled petals. The form is not as full as I would like, but I can look past that for the color. Scape is about 30" with a 5" flower.

A seedling that I am growing from Bill Waldrop, Seedling No. 8-106 (Fear Not X Cerise Masterpiece). The chalky watermark and the white edge set this flower off. It is about 32" tall with a 5 ½" flower. Very striking, and I know it is fertile both ways.

Seedling No. 9057 (Robert W. Carr X Some Sweet Day) Probably a 6 ½" flower of amazing substance. The big yellow throat is set off by the presence of a slightly darker halo. The yellow edge matches the throat.

And the last image I will show, but certainly not the least is Seedling No 9049 (Robert W. Carr X Serenity Bay). The image speaks for itself.

In addition to the ones above, there were several other seedlings and named varieties blooming that just begged to be loved. What did I do? Of course, I spread pollen . . . I just could not resist as I will probably not be able to resist tomorrow. BUT, someday, I will have to quit.

Life is very, very good.



  1. I wouldn't have quit either Lee. Those reds can't be passed up!

  2. Wow, Lee you owe to us all to keep on spreading that pollen. I'm sure you can find some homes for our discards later. Plus, you never know what disaster may strike that wipes out half your seed crop. Better to have too many than not enough is my thinking.

    Keep up the great work. Love the blog and I check it every morning. Your greenhouse is an inspiration to me.

    God Bless You!!
    John Dorminy

  3. I would have been spreading pollen like a mad man. Those blooms are impossible to pass up.

    Edward Kimball

    PS I love visiting your Blog

  4. Thanks, guys, for posting a comment. Sometimes it is as though I am doing this for myself. If you see just one seedling that you would like to duplicate the cross, the work is worth it. Thanks for checking.