Sunday, May 23, 2010

Visit with Bill and Diana Waldrop . . .

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Saturday morning, Jean and I took a 2 hour road trip to Kennesaw Mountain Daylilies, the home of Bill and Diana Waldrop. It is always such a pleasure to view their park like landscaped property. Many of the shrubs, hydrangea's and perennials were in full bloom. But, that was not the reason that we were there . . . we were there to view the incredible daylily bloom in Bill's greenhouse. There were hundreds of blossoms of all colors strutting their glorious self. There were reds, purples, yellows, lavenders, eyes, watermarks, etc., etc. What an incredible sight!

One that really caught my eye is an already selected 2011 introduction of Bill's, H. 'Westover Blue', a cross of [(Heartbeat Of Heaven X Johnny Cash) X Cerise Masterpiece]. I am showing an image that I took. Bill did not particularly like the blossom, but what I saw were the colors. Here is H. 'Westover Blue'.
Bill was kind enough to allow me to bring a fan home a year early. WOW!

Another seedling that was showing it's stuff was Seedling 8-76 X 283-8. Sorry, I did not get the parents, but I imagine Bill will furnish them. What an awesome seedling! Here is 8-76 X 283-8.

I turned the table on Bill. I took a picture of Bill taking a picture.

A Larry Grace seedling that Bill was growing caught my fancy. Bill had it identified as (Cimmaron Rose X Ted's ZZ) What an incredible red and edge. Don't you agree with me?

There were many more notable seedlings blooming in Bill's greenhouse and I believe he plans to show you some on his next blog. A short but amazing trip.

Exciting things happen to those who hybridize daylilies!

Life is very, very good.


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