Saturday, May 29, 2010

Planting seedlings to the field . . .

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I just can't keep all of the nice seedlings that show up. I have listed several on the Lily Auction under the heading, "Future Introductions and Bloomed Seedlings" and listed as "Pickles Seedling . . . " These seedlings are elegible for registration and introduction. Here are the images:
 (Doc Branch X Wonder Of It All)

 (Carved Pumpkin Pie X Engraved Invitation)

(J. T. Davis X Spectral Elegance)

(How Beautiful Heaven Must Be X Wonder Of It All)

(Mandalay Bay Music X Larry Allen Miller)

I grew about 600 trade gallon pots of seedlings in the greenhouse over winter hoping to get some early bloom. I made a lot of mistakes, the important one was the potting medium I used, so I did not get much bloom. What I did get, however, were some large, husky seedlings to plant outside. The picture below shows about 150 of the seedlings planted in 25' rows about 1' apart. The rows are spaced about 10" apart. Some may still bloom this spring, but I will bet I get many of them to bloom this fall. Look how husky the plants are!
The ground is tilled with my new Woods tiller, a top dressing of 10-10-10 fertilizer, Milorganite, and lime is added and tilled in. Seedlings are planted and given a top dressing of Nutricote and Milorganite, then mulched with Nature's Helper (ground up pine bark). On top of this, Snapshot, a pre-emergent for weeds is broadcast. In the future, when the seedlings are selected or discarded, the mulch is tilled in to enhance the ground.

Exciting things happen to those who hybridize daylilies!

Life is very, very good.