Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday Visitors . . .

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We always enjoy having visitors at Chattanooga Daylilies. Sunday morning, Ron and Cathy Turner from Colunbia, MO arrived for their visit. They had heard me talk at the CenLA meeting (I think that stands for Central Louisana). Cathy told me that she had been wanting H. 'Jean Pickles' ever since I showed the picture at that meeting. So we dug JP for her. At the same time, we dug H. 'Joy Nolan' for her which was also on her list. Wanting to get back on the road home, and not much blooming here, the visit was short but enjoyable. Here are Ron and Cathy taken in front of Jean's raised perennial bed. 

I checked in the greenhouse on Monday morning and there were many pods that needed to be collected so I began picking them. I must have gotten somewhere around 150 pods with many more to go. Afternoon temperatures were hovering around 90° so that made it an easy choice to shell the pods rather than going back outside to work. I spent about two hours shelling the pods and visualizing what may come from the various crosses. They go directly into zip lock bags and into the refrigerator crisper. Three weeks to planting!!!!
Tuesday morning will be back outside lining out seedlings until the heat gets to be too much.

Exciting things happen to those who hybridize daylilies!

Life is very, very good.


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  1. That beautiful pink from Robert Carr is awesome!!! It's got to be a great parent. Wow!