Monday, October 16, 2017

2018 Introductions from Lee & Jean Pickles

H. ‘Bob Papenhausen’ ..................................d/f...$100.00

 25" EM Sev Re 6” -  3-way branching 16+ buds
     We are proud to name this flower for a special friend in Illinois. A bright spot in the garden, yellow has always been one of my favorite colors. This yellow is brushed with peach. The petals are heavily ruffled and crimped, The petals are nicely sculpted leading to a small green heart. The substance is like thick cardboard. Pod and pollen fertile.

Seedling No. 1105 (Wonder of it All X Diana’s Evening Gown)
H. ‘Joan Trundle’ ..........................................d/f...$100.00


26” M SEv Re 6¾/7” - 3-way branching 17 buds.

    Named for a good friend and member of TVDS, this flower has the heaviest substance we have ever seen. Yellow with a peach blush, the petals are heavily crimped and ruffled. The yellow throat leads to a small green heart. Heat and rain do not touch this one. Pod and pollen fertile. Will occasionally hang up.

Seedling No. 1021 [(How Beautiful Heaven Must Be X Wonder of it All) X Trimmer Seedling Tom Allen)].
H. ‘Purple Dreams’ ......................................d/f...$100.00

28” M Sev Re 5¼” -  3-way branching 18 buds.

    A good clear purple with a halo of light purple.  The ruffled petals have a wire edge of white outside of a darker purple edge. The small throat is yellow to lime green. The substance is good, holding up well. Does not spot in the rain. Pod and pollen fertile.
Seedling No. 3079 (Bluegrass Memories X Bluebird of Happiness)
H. ‘Heaven’s Fire’ .........................................d/f...$100.00
27" EM SEv Re 5¾" - 4-way branching 20 buds.
A flower of cherry red with a white watermark outlining a yellow to green throat. The lightly ruffled and pinched petals have a wire edge of white. The substance is good and holds well. It is finished with a green heart. Pod and pollen fertile.
Seedling No. 3063 [Cimarron Rose X (Doug's Caress X Camelot Red)]
H. ‘Lee’s Heart Breaker’................................d/f...$100.00

26" EM SEv Re 5½" - 4-way branching 19 buds.
A great deep red with a white watermark that surrounds a great green throat. The petals are lightly ruffled and crimped and are edged with a wire of white. The substance is excellent. Could use a little afternoon shade. Both pod and pollen fertile.
Seedling 3059 (Cimarron Rose X Stolen Heart).
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 From bud to bloom

Bloom time has arrived in the greenhouse 2/28/2017. Most of the hybridizing plants this year were first bloom seedlings in 2016 and are the seedlings that were selected to watch as future introductions. When selected, they were repotted from 1 gallon pots to 3 gallon pots. They will be used in hybridizing this year and in the fall will be planted outside in the seedling display beds to see how they do outside.

This is seedling 6003. The picture of this bud was taken on 2/27/17 and is ready to bloom on 2/28/17. Please note the scape and buds.
On 2/28/17 Seedling 6003 bloomed. This is a second year selected seedling. The cross is [Velvet Throne X (Marines' Hymn X Barbara Mandrel)]) It has great form, really well saturated color, olive green throat, rose watermark and a white edge on the ruffled petals and sepals.

This is a bud picture was taken on Seedling 6064 on 2/25/17 about ready to bloom. This second year selected seedling has a decent scape and bud count.
This is the bloom on Seedling 6064 [Velvet Throne X (Stolen Heart X Barbara Mandrell)] taken on 2/28/17. It has well saturated color and a heavy substance. The petals are very ruffled with a white pencil edge.

After using these seedlings in the greenhouse this year for hybridizing, the will go outside this fall into the seedling display beds to watch for possible introduction.

Life is fun and Very, very good.