Sunday, June 26, 2011

Starting to get ready for next year

This morning I started getting ready for next year. We have three display beds that are 8' X 40' between the greenhouse and the front side yard. It is to these three display beds that selected seedlings are transplanted and grown for evaluation until they are either selected for introduction or composting. Normally this happens within 3 to 4 years.

This images shows the three display beds and the one I am working on at present is what I cal B2, which naturally is the second or middle bed. These beds are about 17 years old and during those years, have had mushroom compost, topsoil, nature's helper, etc. added so they have been amended substantially. The middle bed has just been tilled.

This closeup image shows just how pliable the soil is. Looking toward the front of the house and the street, you can see part of Jean's perennial border at the end of the bed. Visitors come to look at the daylilies and end up ooohing and aaahing over Jean's perennial beds. She does a great job with them.

A left click on the image will make it larger and you will be able to see the lined out selected seedlings. These were seedlings that bloomed in 9 months in the greenhouse this spring in trade one gallon pots. I lay out a row with a string and I have a 100' tape that I lay down so that I can plant the seedlings every 2'. A hole is dug, and a little composted cow manure is added and mixed in. The plant is removed from the pot and planted in the hole. Some Nutricote 18-6-8 180 w/ minors is added along with some Milorganite. When the bed is completely planted, I will broadcast some Dolomite Lime for PH and Snapshot for weed control. On top of all of that, I will mulch with some pine bark to help hold moisture and for more weed control.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. Please leave me a comment below so I will know that I am not just doing this for myself.

Life is very, very good.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Outside blooms 6/24

We have been having afternoon rains for the last few days which has given new life to the blossoms. You can water all you want with "city" water, but nothing is like the real stuff that comes down from above . . . it just seems to have some magic in it! Our weather has also been HOT! We have broken sever high records already this summer.

I took a couple pictures of seedlings this morning to share with you.

Pollen Parent
H. (Larry Allen Miller)

Pod Parent
H. 'Awesome Bob'

Seedling No. 9040 (Awesome Bob X Larry Allen Miller)
This is just as cherry red as seen.

Pollen Parent
H. 'Tempest Keep'

 Pod Parent
H. 'Crazy Ivan'

 Seedling No 0119 (Crazy Ivan X Tempest Keep)
It is difficult to see in this picture, but there are teeth all around the petals.

Thanks again for looking. Maybe we will see you next weekwnd (July 4 weekend) in one of the Northern Mecca gardens.

Life is very, very good



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Garden Seedlings 6/7/11

I have really gotten behind reporting on seedlings blooming in the field. We had a wonderful visit from Bob and Barb Pappenhausen over the weekend and we traveled to Marietta, GA to visit Bill and Diana Waldrop and to Delano, TN to visit the garden of Steve and Karen Newman. Plus, I have not been well lately with some heart problems and now a nasty summer cold. Hopefully I am on the mend. Here are some new seedlings . . . some may have a same parent, so you will need to look for some of the parents.

Pollen Parent
H. 'Spectral Elegance'
(Stamile, 2002)

Pod Parent
H. Wonder Of It All'
(Carr, 2006)

Seedling No. 1107 (Wonder Of It All X Spectral Elegance)

Pollen Parent
H. 'Diana's Evening Gown'
(Wladrop, 2009)
Pod Parent
H. 'Wonder Of It All' (Image Above)

Seedling No. 1105 (Wonder Of It All X Diana's Evening Gown)

Pollen Parent
H. 'Robert W. Carr'
(Pickles, 2010)
Pod Parent (No Image)
Seedling No. 0786
(Mandalay Bay Music X Wonders Never Cease)

Seedling No. 1109 [(Mandalay Bay Music X Wonders Never Cease) X Robert W. Carr]

And from the same cross
 Seedling No. 1109 [(Mandalay Bay Music X Wonders Never Cease) X Robert W. Carr]
Isn't it amazing what happens when you mix these genetics. Here are two seedlings, probably from the same pod, looking very dissimilar. 
I am very pleased with the seedlings that I am getting from H. 'Robert W. Carr'.

 Seedling No. 1110 (Wonder Of It All X Robert W. Carr)
Images above

Pollen Parent
H. 'Larry Allen Miller'
(Stamile, 2005)

Pod Parent
H. 'Belle Cook'
(Brooker, M. 2001)
Seedling 0019 (Belle Cook X Larry Allen Miller)

Pollen Parent
H. 'Shelter Cove'
(Corbett, 2002)
Pod Parent
H. 'Wonder Of It All'
(Carr, 2006) Image Above
Seedling No. 0745 (Wonder Of It All X Shelter Cove)

Pollen Parent
H. 'Larry Allen Miller'
(Stamile, 2005 (Image Above)
Pod Parent
H. Awesome Bob'
(Pickles, 2001)
Seedling No. 8071 (Awesome Bob X Larry Allen Miller)

I believe that is enough for today. This will get me about half caught up. Jean and I are looking forward to taking the Northern Mecca trip the first weekend in July. Maybe we will meet somewhere along the trail.

Life is very, very good.