Thursday, June 23, 2011

Outside blooms 6/24

We have been having afternoon rains for the last few days which has given new life to the blossoms. You can water all you want with "city" water, but nothing is like the real stuff that comes down from above . . . it just seems to have some magic in it! Our weather has also been HOT! We have broken sever high records already this summer.

I took a couple pictures of seedlings this morning to share with you.

Pollen Parent
H. (Larry Allen Miller)

Pod Parent
H. 'Awesome Bob'

Seedling No. 9040 (Awesome Bob X Larry Allen Miller)
This is just as cherry red as seen.

Pollen Parent
H. 'Tempest Keep'

 Pod Parent
H. 'Crazy Ivan'

 Seedling No 0119 (Crazy Ivan X Tempest Keep)
It is difficult to see in this picture, but there are teeth all around the petals.

Thanks again for looking. Maybe we will see you next weekwnd (July 4 weekend) in one of the Northern Mecca gardens.

Life is very, very good




  1. Very Pretty Lee. I love the flower Tennessee Sensation that you helped me with the ID correction. I won a red ribbon on it this year in my clubs show in May

    Julia Dawn Mason

  2. Love your daylillies. I have 3 in my garden but now i´m going to buy some more! Regards from Sweden