Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Greenhouse Bloom 4 . . .

Each day there are more blooms in the greenhouse. Three or four years ago when I was younger, I used to call this my "grinhouse" because every time I walked in, I grinned. Now that I am more mature, I just call it my greenhouse! :-) I don't maintain an inventory of other hybridizer's introductions, but I do use some in the greenhouse. There were two this morning worthy of mention, the first, Jeff Salter's 2010 introduction, H. 'Emerald Dream', a pale flower infused with a lot of green and very green edge on a 30" plus scape. The image below is that of Jeff's and used with permission.

The second named cultivar blooming was Pat Stamile's H. 'Rock Solid' (2002). This is my first year growing this cultivar and purchased it for two reasons. I have seen some nice seedlings from it and it is dormant. I would like to see a larger bloom and a little taller, but I can work on that with my parent selection. Image courtesy of Pat Stamile, and used with permission.
Many of you know that I am enamored with the yellow daylily. I don't know why but it is the color of the first daylily we ever grew, yellow is such a great garden flower and the color stands out clear across the garden. I have hybridized and introduced several yellow daylilies. In 2009 I bloomed my finest yellow to date. A cross of H. 'Spectral Elegance' (Stamile 2002) as the pod parent (top left), and H. 'Wonder Of It All' (Carr 2006) as the pollen parent (bottom left). The resulting seedling is No. 2008 (below), a large 6 ½" heavily ruffled flower of great substance. Last year when it first bloomed, it had one of the finest branched scapes I have seen here on a first bloom seedling.

I started watching this bloom five days before it opened. It started by looking like it would be a small flower and open the next day. The fourth day prior to opening, it looked like the image below. The smaller bud on the right is what it looked like when I first started watching it. Above is the image as it bloomed today, five days after I first thought it would open.

Another of my H. 'Larry Allen Miller' seedlings to bloom today was No. 9021, a cross of H. 'Robert W. Carr' (pod parent upper left) X H. 'Larry Allen Miller', (pollen parent lower left) a very saturated purple with a great green throat and a white edge. Size is right around 6" with extremely wide petals.
Now, if I can just get my email straightened out, life would be very, very good.

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