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2011 Introductions . . .

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We have selected 8 cultivars that will become our 2011 introductions. All have been grown outside in field conditions for at least two years. Please enjoy looking.

H. 'Dancing With The Stars’ 
31" M SEv Re 6". Five-way branching, 23 buds.
    Elegance and grace are what this flower is all about, like the hit TV show, “Dancing With The Stars”. The large 6” flower is a cream blushed lavender with medium ruffling and crimping. The citron ruffling matches the citron throat which leads to a green heart. The substance is just as heavy as it looks in the picture and stands up well in sun and rain. The form is round and full with petals that are 3¼” and the sepals are 2”. Really a nice clean color. This cultivar is fertile both ways in the greenhouse and I wouldn’t expect it to act any differently outside. DWTS has a very good plant beneath the flower. The foliage is arching and a dark green Seedling No. 8070 (Victorian Lace X Wonder Of It All)

H. 'Glenn Miller’
37" M SEv Re 5½". Three-way branching, 18 buds.
    A flower of impeccable form, H. ‘Glenn Miller’ was one of the show flowers in the garden. The flower is a cream polychrome with overlays of lemon and pale pink.  Petal and sepal edges are heavily ruffled and crimped and the flower is lightly sculpted. The color of the flower emphasizes the lime green throat. Named for the famous band leader, who in my opinion, still has some of the best music around. The foliage is a dark green and of medium width The substance is exceptionally heavy and holds well in the rain and sun. Plant habit is excellent, and it increases fairly rapidly. Pod and pollen fertile. Petals are 3", sepals 2". Seedling No. 0755 (Awesome Bob X Wonder Of It All)

H. 'Groovin’ ’ 
30" M SEv Re 6¼". Three-way branching, 17 buds.
    One of our long line of sculpted seedlings and probably the heaviest sculpting of all. The grooves appear to be carved out with a chisel. If you look at most sculpting in this color range, you will think the raised area of the sculpting is a different color. However, upon close scrutiny, it is the same color as the flower but the sculpting creates this optical illusion. The flower is a polychrome of maize and pink overlaying ivory. The flower can be funky-like in the image, or it can be a round, full form. The petal edges are heavily ruffled. The substance is like cardboard and holds up well in the sun. Pod and pollen fertile. Petals are 3", sepals 1¾". Seedling No. 0624 (Doc Branch X Bas Relief

H. 'Juanita Manley’
27" M SEv Re 5". Four-way branching, 25 buds.
     This cultivar was chosen by our sister-in-law, Juanita Manley, of Cranberry Township, PA to carry her name. The bloom is a very saturated cherry red with an ivory watermark and ruffles. One of the clearest cherry reds that I have seen. The substance is very good and holds up well except in very hard rains. The plant habit is very good. It is pod and pollen fertile in the greenhouse and we have some very nice kids coming. Petals are 2½” and sepals are 1¾”. A very showy flower in the garden. Seedling No. 0726 (Painting The Roses Red X Jean Pickles)

H. 'Memories Of Mother’
29” M SEv Re 5½”. Five-way branching, 27 buds.
    For generations, mothers have been growing yellow daylilies in their perennial gardens. How the yellow has evolved! It is no longer the narrow petaled, lightly branched and budded daylily of the past, but a full, overlapped form with good branching and bud count. Our first daylilies were the lemon colored daylily from Jean’s mother’s garden that we brought to Tennessee many years ago. H. ‘Memories Of Mother’ is a perfectly full-formed daylily of crisp lemon yellow with 3” lightly ruffled petals and 2” wide, blunt sepals. This self ends with an olive green throat. The substance is very heavy and stands up well in the sun and rain. H. 'Memories Of Mother’ would be a great addition to “Mother’s” garden. Fertile both ways in the greenhouse.
Seedling No. 0651 (Macho Macho Man X Wonder Of It All)

H. 'Rockets Bursting In Air’
27" M SEv Re 5½". Four-way branching, 25 buds.
     This has been one of my favorites since first bloom in 2007. I thought long and hard for the perfect name and H. 'Rockets Bursting In Air’ seemed to fit. The bloom is very clean and smooth and the color is a saturated magenta. The white midribs give the impression of ‘Rockets bursting in air’. The watermark of white accentuates the explosion. The edges of the petals are very smooth with a fine band of white. The substance is heavy and holds up well. Pod and pollen fertile in the greenhouse. Seedling No. 07100 (Pure Indulgence X Painting The Roses Red). 

H. 'Rooty Tooty’ 
33" M SEv Re Fr 6". Three-way branching, 19 buds.
    The flower is a near white with a wash of azalea pink. It has the beginning of an eyezone of subtle rose ending with a lemon throat and a lime heart. The petal edges are a light yellow and are very heavily ruffled and crimped and the flower shows some subtle sculpting. There is light ruffling on the sepals.  The substance is exceptionally heavy and holds well in the rain and sun. Plant habit is excellent and it increases fairly rapidly. It is a showy flower in the garden, and it can be seen from a long distance. This flower was pod and pollen fertile for us in the greenhouse. Petals are 3¼", sepals 2". Seedling No. 8057 (How Beautiful Heaven Must Be X Wonder Of It All)

H. 'Tennessee Lady Vols’
28" M SEv Re LFr 5½". Four-way branching, 19 buds.
    Named for my favorite college basketball team. The flower always opens well and the above picture was taken in late September on the third set of scapes after a 55° night. The color is orange creamcicle and shows a pale honey orange over cream. There is a tuscan infusion in the in halo which is repeated on the heavily ruffled edges. The substance is exceptionally heavy and holds well in the rain and sun. Plant habit is excellent and it increases fairly rapidly. One of the show flowers in the garden. Petals are 2¾", sepals are 1½". Seedling No. 0545 (Enchanted Dreams X Candied Popcorn Perfection)

We wish all of our daylily friends a very happy and prosperous new year.

Now is the time to start planning to attend one of the many symposia that are coming up, including The Mid-Winter Symposium in Nashville, TN on January 21-23, 2011. Please join us and greet old friends and meet new ones.

Exciting things happen to those who hybridize daylilies!

Life is very, very good. Remember, when the bloom is gone, you still have your friends!


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