Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2012 Introduction - Part 1

Jean and I have been lining out 2012 introductions the last few days. I know it is hot, but it had to be done. When it is hot like this, I use the Karen Newman approach which she claims gives her very few losses. Clumps are dug and separated into 1 and 2 fans. They are then set aside for at least 48 hours which allows any cut crowns to heal over. Plants are then put in the ground and watered in. No water is added for at least a week. In my opinion, excess water and high temperatures make for ideal rot conditions. The plants look like they have gone into summer dormancy, but Karen assures me that they will revive. I certainly hope so!

2012 Introduction No. 1

 H. 'Body and Soul'

37" M SEv EMO Ext 5¼". 3-way branching, 18 buds.
s/f ... $85.00 ... d/f ... $125.00
    One of the most distinctive flowers in the garden, the pastel orchid of the flower contrasts with the lavender etched halo. The double edges of lavender and lemon/green  give a distinct appearance. The throat matches the lemon/green petal edge and leads to a green heart. Tall scapes carry the flowers well above the foliage. Substance is good for this color range. Fertile.
No 9060 (Mandalay Bay Music X Wonder Of It All)

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  1. Can't wait to see the rest of your 2012 Intro's. Great start so far....WOW love it!!