Friday, November 25, 2011

Greenhouse Seedlings 11/26/2011

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It has been 20 days since I last took picture of the seedlings growing in the greenhouse. Watching them daily, it soesn't seem like they are growing much but then when I compare these images with those of 20 days ago, it appears that they have made good progress. Compare these with the previous images, then back to the first images and you will see what I mean.

These are the seedling to the right of the entrance door. The seeds were planted on July 23 and transplanted to the gallon pots on September 24, so they are now about 4 months old.

These are the seedlings left of the entrance door.

These are the left center bench looking from the rear of the greenhouse. They were started in peat pots about two week later than the first bunch and were the last to be transplanted to gallon pots on October 18, almost a moth later than the ones first planted.

The seedlings on the right bench appear larger because they were transplanted about a month earlier that the last bunch, plus, that is the side of the greenhouse that the gas heater is on. I am thinking that this is making a world of difference.

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  1. Looks they are going gangbusters Lee. Your Tennessee Sensation was beautiful this past bloom season. A photo of twin flowers of TS made a good wallpaper for my desktop.

  2. good luck to all of these seedlings Lee

  3. It’s really well maintained greenhouse with nice seeding.