Thursday, November 29, 2012

Buds in November

This post is for my friend David Hansen in Nebraska who reminded me that I had not updated for a while.

It has been a while since I updated this blog. So far, the month of November has been long so I hope that changes tomorrow when we move on to December 1. On November 12, I had open heart surgery to replace the aortic valve with one from a cow. Now I moo and swish my tail to keep the flies off. They had a hard time getting my heart to stay in a normal rhythm so I was in the hospital an extra 3 days, getting out the day before Thanksgiving, November 21. Kidney problems and diabetes compllicates things even more. I can have all the rubber chicken I want along with a plastic green bean. I am still weak, but believe I am getting better each day.

My first trip out to the greenhouse was on November 26. Jean drove me out in the car and I walked back after turning on the overhead sprinklers for a little while. On my second trip, November 28, I saw something funny looking on one of the seedlings . . . yep, two buds.

These seeds were planted in July and transplanted to the pots on September 29, and this being November, makes them 4 month old seedlings. Picture was taken on November 28. You can see that the buds will probably never open, but still, two buds in November? By the way, the cross is (Groovin' X Johnny Comes Marching Home).

These are the first batch of seedlings transplanted to pots. The seeds were planted on July 27, and transplanted to trade 3-gallon pots on September 25. This picture was taken on November 28, showing very nice growth for 4-month old seedlings. I believe many of them will bloom in April and May.

I have yet to get the hybridizing plants into the greenhouse which will be the next task. I hope to get some help probably in mid December, depending on how much cold weather we have had.

Those of you who have heard me talk will remember the greenhouse door and around this time each year a Christmas wreath mysteriously appears. This was a tradition which began with our first greenhouse in 1993. I was told at that time if a wreath shows up on the greenhouse door it is a reminder that the greenhouse is my Christmas present, birthday present and anniversary present. Soooooo, I guess Santa is not coming to the Pickles' household this Christmas again.

Be healthy and enjoy life to the fullest. (can you do both)?

Don't forget the Mid-Winter Symposium in Nashville, TN on January 18-20, 2013



  1. Maybe I am the bad guy for urging you to put a new page on your blog. I am sorry if this has caused you any problems. I thought you had come home from the hospital before Thanksgiving. Little do I know. Glad to have you back doing one of the things you greatly enjoy. The wine will come later. I have a glass in hand and enjoying it for you. Take life easy.


    1. Hi David,

      It was no big problem. I took the pictures a couple days ago intending to update the blog. You just help me do it. How do you handle your wine and insulin?