Saturday, May 16, 2015

The love of my life.

May 24th will be the 61st anniversary of the first date with my wife, Jean. I remember the day we met vividly. It was about 2 weeks earlier. Her grandparents lived in my home town and her family visited often. Just happened that on that Sunday she was with a classmate of mine in downtown Colfax. Now, you have to know that downtown Colfax is a whopping 2 blocks long, and if you stretch it, maybe 2 ½ blocks. They were sitting on the steps of the Presbyterian Church and I happened to drive by and spotted her. I drove around a couple more times (remember, it is only 2 blocks long) and they finally got up and began walking toward Werrick's Drug Store in the middle of town for a cold drink. I quickly found a place to park (not difficult in Colfax either) and went into the drug store where we were introduced. On that day, I lost my heart in Colfax.

Our first date on May 24th was right after my high school graduation night. We double dated with my cousin who was dating a classmate of mine. We drove to Des Moines, IA where we went to a pizza restaurant, if I remember correctly, it was Mama's Pizza Restaurant. This was our first introduction to pizza and neither of us liked it (unlike now). 

Jean was a rising Senior in HS. We dated for a year, then I asked her to marry me. If I remember correctly, she said "Yes"! She graduated from HS and then went to (at that time) Iowa State Teachers College and got her 2-year degree to teach. She graduated in June and we were married on August 17, 1957. The smartest thing I have ever done in my life.

Here is a picture of us taken by Deb Monbeck at the 2015 MWS which was printed in the Region 10 newsletter, The Daylily Appeal.

I look at this picture and still see the young 17 year girl old that I met in early May of 1954. My life began when she said "I do."

Life is very, very good



  1. Congratulations for 58 years of much happiness even though you might have started out on a shoe string, as we did 58 years ago. The good thing is that we didn't know how poor we were then. Even when we would go to the dairy store and buy ice cream cones for our "night out". Have many more great years together.

  2. Sweet glad you and Jean can celebrate them together. A long happy marriage is an inspiration to all around you.....wishing you much happiness in all your days together. Linda Hassler

  3. Heard this story quite a few times. It never gets old:) So, did Mom go to your graduation?

    1. Hi Son,

      What a surprise!!!! Yes, she did attend my graduation as I did hers a year later. The story never gets old as it was the smartest thing I ever did.