Sunday, June 14, 2015

Possible 2016 Introductions

In 2015, we did not offer any new introductions because of health problems. Maybe that was good because it gave me another full year to evaluate the seedling we have had in the display beds. I have had a great spring/summer (heat wise) this year evaluating those seedlings and have tagged several to watch further as possible introductions for 2016. I hope you like them!

This is seedling No. 1004 (Doug's Caress (Holley 2009) X Camelot Red (Salter J. 2010). This, without a doubt, has been my most heavily used pollen parent and have set several pods on it. It is a full formed, rich saturated red with a wire white edge. The white watermark and the lemon to green throat complete the overall picture. Preliminary statistics: 28" 5¾" x 2¾" x 1¾" - 3 to 4 way branching, 17 buds. Here are some kids involving Seedling 1004. 

 Seedling 2041 [(1004 Doug's Caress X Camelot Red) 
X Barbara Mandrell]
Probably my most used pollen parent of 2015.

 Seedling 3055 (Cimarron Rose X 1004 Doug's Caress X Camelot Red)

Seedling 2097 [(Wild Cherry Roundup X Max Pickles) X 1004 Doug's 
Caress X Camelot Red)]

 Seedling 5063 (Cimarron Rose X 1004 Doug's Caress X Camelot Red)

 Seedling 3075 (Pele's Tears X 1004 Doug's Caress X Camelot Red)

Seedling 2053 (Cimarron Rose X 1004 Doug's Caress X Camelot Red)

Seedling 3046 (Camelot Red X 1004 Doug's Caress X Camelot Red)
¾ Camelot Red

You can see that the seedlings of 1004 have maintained that rich saturated red and most with a white halo. The wire edge of white and yellow/green throat are also consistent.

I will have some additional possible introductions that I will add shortly.

Life is very, very good.



  1. OMG! Lee! The seedlings above are all to die for! I'd cherish any one of them, but the one that made me gasp is Seedling 2041 [(1004 Doug's Caress X Camelot Red) X Barbara Mandrell] . Please put me at the top of your list for that one if you introduce it. If you decide it's not worthy of introduction, please contact me about selling it as a seedling, as I want to use it in my reds program. It's beyond breathtaking. BTW.... your Joy Nolan continues to do very well in my northern, zone 5 garden. Life IS very, very good. :-)

    1. Hi Anna,
      Thankks for your kind comments. I have put you at the top of the list for 2041.

  2. Lee's reds are now way, far over the moon in their finish and style. I cannot say enough good things to describe them. Way to goo, Mr. Pickles, your reds are fabulous!

  3. Thanks, David. Coming from the RED KING it means a lot.