Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring is beginning in the greenhouse

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I am growing all of the pots in the greenhouse this year in water beds (like the famous Tommy Maddox does outside). I found that this system has several advantages for me. In the past, it has always been difficult to keep the seedlings growing in the No. 38 Seed Trays evenly watered. Having to water overhead, the ones in the back would not get water because the foliage would always grow up and fall over causing the water to just run off. Growing in the water beds, I do not have this problem. Also, if I want to leave home for a few days, all I have to do is add a little more water to the beds to keep the plants moist.

Plants in the greenhouse are looking exceptional this year. The foliage is growing nicely, and it is that deep green color that we like. In the last few days I have been spotting a scape here and there. Here is one that I spotted on a second year seedling (Cosmic Sensation X Larry Allen Miller) Salter and Stamile parents.

Here is a picture of the seedlings growing in the No. 38 Seed Trays. Notice that the foliage has gotten long and is falling over causing the water to runoff onto the ground rather than moistening the potting soil. This is where growing in the water beds is very productive.

If you want to check the Lily Auction, Unbloomed Seedlings, you will find some of these listed. They are sold in groups of 5 of the same cross.

 These are some of the hybridizing plants growing in water beds. These particular ones are second year selected seedlings that I will be using in my hybridizing program. Further on down the bench are the named varieties that I will use.

These are some of the 6 month old seedlings that I am growing in trade 1 gallon pots. These seeds were made last spring in the greenhouse and planted in August, transplanted to these pots in September. Because of their size, I expect to start seeing scapes on these plants at any time.

Life is very, very good



  1. WOW Lee everthing is looking great, I hope to see lots of bloom whle I am there in April.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I hope you get to see lots of bloom also. Sometimes I begin to feel that bloom is never going to start, then all of a sudden, it is everywhere. When you start seeing a scape, the others are not far behind.

  3. Looks good Lee, even though Tommy had to get you straightened out. haha.I cant wait for you to start showing blloms. Jim Elliott