Saturday, March 12, 2011

First cross of the 2011 season

This morning, I made the first cross of the 2011 season. It was nothing spectacular, but one that I really enjoy the color. The seedling, No. 0007 was a cross of tetra. Lavender Blue Baby X (Edge of Darkness X Lee Pickles)  shown at the left. The pollen I put on it was H. 'Get Jiggy'. I am hoping to keep the color that I like and get some interest in the flower. It may take me a generation or two so we shall see.
I am starting to see some scapes in the 8 month old seedlings in gallon pots in the greenhouse. This is exciting, bloom in 9 months. Never happened here before. Exciting times are coming.

We just returned from a week in California wine country, one of our favorite places to visit.

Life is very, very good



  1. Hi Lee, can you show us the difference in blooms in the patterned flowers, like Get Jiggy, say from first bloom and last bloom. That would be a great blog showing the effects of patterns as the bloom day to day. Jim Elliott

  2. Hi Jim,

    This was not a current bloom on Get Jiggy, it was from my files. I use a lot of frozen pollen, especially in the beginning of the hybridizing season and this is one of those pollens that I have stored in the freezer. I am not sure that the pattern would show up that well in the greenhouse. Those things seem to show up best outside in the hot, hot sun.