Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What is blooming in the greenhouse 3/29/2011

Today was another chilly, overcast day. Except in the greenhouse! How glorious to walk inside where the blooms were strutting their stuff and seed pods were beginning to show from previous days of hybridizing. It is surprising how a few daylily blooms can brighten what is a downer of a day!

Two seedlings of note blooming from the year 2000 selected group which first bloomed outside and then were potted to bring into the greenhouse to use for hybridizing this year.

H. 'Max Pickles'
(Pickles 2007)
was the pollen parent

H. 'Royal Presence'
(Stamile '05)
was the pod parent

Seedling No. 0006 (Royal Presence X Max Pickles)
I like this deep burgundy color with  white watermark and the white edge. The flower measures about 5 1/2" and stands about 30" tall.

The second seedling from the 2000 crop to bloom today:

H. 'Max Pickles'
(Pickles 2007)
was the pollen parent

H. 'Wild Cherry Round Up'
(Trimmer, D '03)
the pod parent

Seedling No. 0011 (Wild Cherry Round Up X Max Pickles)
A little smaller flower at about 5", the cherry red color is captivating and the substance is exceptional for a red flower.

Two named varieties blooming today that I thought were exceptional:
H. 'Aslan' (Corbett '09)
Jeff registered this one at 5.75" but for me in the greenhouse, it as more like 6 1/2". Nice flower and scape.

H. 'Ledgewood's Great Ambition' (Abajian '08)
I purchased this one in the year of introduction because I was smittin with the big bold eye and edge. When it arrived, it was the tiniest shriveled up thing I have ever received. Finally, three years later, I am getting to see the bloom and use it for hybridizing.

That is it for today.

Life is very, very good.


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  1. Now That is what i am talking about Mr. Pickles!! What a beautiful sight, lots of puroles and reds. Dont quit showing us the green house. Tell us about taking care of the little critters in there also. Jim Elliott, Wooster, Arkansas