Friday, April 1, 2011

What is blooming in the greenhouse 4/1/11

Yes, I know this is not bloom in the greenhouse, but there have been several posts on the Robin about Fringetree's that I thought I would show ours. 'Chionanthus retusus' Chinese Fringetree - This was our tree last year in May. You can see that ours is a multi stemmed tree. One thing interesting is that the tree leafs out before it blooms, so you have this sea of white on a bed of green. It is late to drop it's leaves in the fall, and Jean says they are the hardest leaves to deal with that she has come across. However, it is beautiful.

Okay, now to today's bloom. We will show three 9-month seedlings that bloomed today. The first is Seedling No. 1007 (Bluegrass Memories X Kaskell's BEST EDGE Seedling.

Pollen Parent
Kaskell's BEST Edge Seedling
Used heavily by several hybridizers.

Pod Parent
H. 'Bluegrass Memories'
(Preuss, T. 2006)

Seedling No. 1007 (Kaskell's BEST EDGE Seedling X Bluegrass Memories)

The second 9-month seedling to bloom was Seedling No. 1005 (Bluegrass Memories X Heartbeat Of Heaven). See the image of H. 'Bluegrass Memories' above.

Pollen Parent
H. 'Heartbeat Of Heaven'
(Emmerich 2004)
Seedling No. 1005 (Bluegrass Memories X Heartbeat Of Heaven)

The third 9-month seedling to bloom was probably my favorite, a cross of (Camelot Red X Doug's Caress)

Pollen Parent
H. 'Doug's Caress'
(Holley, S 2009)
Pod Parent
Garden Name 
(Salter, J)

Seedling No. 1004 (Camelot Red (Garden Name) X Doug's Caress)

There you have it boys and girls, today's edition of "What is blooming". Hope you enjoyed the images as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you.

Life is very, very good.



  1. WOW Lee those seedlings are beautiful. Way to go!!!

  2. Now you have my attention, That is some good STUFF. I like how you have pod and pollen parent there with the seedling. Nice job. Best Blog of the Week!!Jim Elliott, Wooster, Arkansas

  3. Sharon and Jim,

    Thanks for your comments. Sometimes it seems I am wasting my time on this. Lee

  4. Lee, I tried to post a comment the other day on your beautiful red seedlings....I just want to say, YOU ARE NOT wasting your time....Such clarity is hard to get in red programs, I know because I work with some beautiful red parents....I especially like your favorite but all three have their own personality..I hope they do well for you!