Saturday, April 9, 2011

What is blooming in the greenhouse 4/8/11

I will begin this blog on Thursday morning 4/7/11. I had made an appointment to visit the garden and greenhouse of Bill Waldrop in Marietta, GA, about 2 hours from here. I told Bill that I would probably be there about 10:00 am and when I drove into the yard, Bill was waiting and pointing to his watch . . .10:00 am right on the dot! We visited and toured the garden and ended in the greenhouse. While not having as much bloom as we have in the greenhouse, it was good bloom. I was particularly impressed with several of Bill's seedlings and his new introduction, H. 'Marietta Heartbeat', which followed me home riding behind the passenger seat of my Trailblazer . . . and, it would bloom the next day so I could use the pollen right away. Here is Bill's image of H. 'Marietta Heartbeat'.

Yesterday, 4/8/11, there were probably more blooms than in previous days. I will focus on two seedlings today, both from a seedling that I  acquired from Dan Trimmer, garden name of Tom Allen which was a cross of a Trimmer seedling with Kaskell's BEST EDGE Seedling.  This seedling was the pollen parent of the two following seedlings.

 Seedling No. 1018, a cross of Wonder Of It All x the Tom Allen Seedling.

Pod Parent
H. 'Wonder Of It All'
(Carr, 2006)

Seedling No. 1018 (Wonder Of It All X Trimmer Tom Allen Seedling)

The second seedling is Seedling No 1021 [(How Beautiful Heaven Must Be X Wonder Of It All) X Trimmer Tom Allen Seedling]

 Pod Parent
(How Beautiful Heaven Must Be X Wonder Of It All)

Seedling No. 1018 [(How Beautiful Heaven Must Be X Wonder Of It All) X Trimmer Tom Allen Seedling]

Another seedling of note to bloom is a guest from Larry Grace. The parentage is (Cimarron Rose X Scarlet Angel) and is one of the most pretty, saturated reds that I have ever seen. I understand that Larry may be releasing this plant in the fall or next spring. If so, you better get your name on the list because this one will go fast. Here is the image.
Larry Grace seedling (Cimarron Rose X Scarlet Angel)

Well, that is it for today. Please enjoy and if you see fit, leave a comment.

Life is very, very good


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  1. Very beautiful flowers in your green house Mr Pickles!! I see how it is when you are famous folks just giving you their best stuff right and left. I can see that purple and the red flowers making some Mojo Babies. Thanks Lee for the pictures, very nice. Jim Elliott