Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Northern Mecca/Display Bed Lineout

Jean and I climbed into the car about 7:30 AM last Thursday (June 30) to make the trip to Northern Mecca. We arrived at the hotel about 2:30 PM and when we walked in the door, I could smell some type of cleaning agent. I did not pay any attention and should have. Over the next two nights my sinus swelled to what seemed double their size and my nostrils swelled to where I could not breathe through my nose. By Friday night I could not sleep because of the swelling. So after visiting only two gardens, those of Jamie Gossard and Mike and Sandy Holmes, we headed home on Saturday. Since arriving home, I have started on a prednisone (sp?) regimen to reduce the swelling in my nose so I can breathe. What a disappointment not to see the remainder of the gardens.

We met Bob and Barb Pappenhausen at the hotel and rode with them to the two gardens on Friday. We enjoy their company and friendship. Here we all are with Jamie Gossard in his garden.

Now that I have been home a few days, my breathing has returned to normal. I will be seeing an allergist on Monday because I have a chronic problem with my nose.

Since returning home, Jean and I have completed transplanting the selected greenhouse seedlings from their trade one gallon pots to the display bed that we started before heading north. The bed is 8' wide and 40' long, and plants are planted 2' apart. Their are 20, 19, 20 and 19 plants in respective rows, plants staggered between the front and back plants in each row. Except for having the pine bark mini nugget mulch, the bed is done. Here is what it looks like.

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