Monday, July 25, 2011

Planting Seeds 1

Seed planting has begun . . . 700 seeds planted the last two days in 2" x 2" x 3" peat pots. These peat pots were left from last year's plantings. This year I purchased 2" x 2" x 2' peat pots to plant the seeds in. They should use 1/3 less seed starting mix, which is rather expensive. We will see if germination or growth is affected using the smaller pot.

So far, it appears that this is going to be my "RED" year. I have more seeds using red parents than all the others put together . . . and yes, it was on purpose. My red seeds involve crosses using a lot of seedlings, many of them mine, one of Larry Grace's and one of Bill Waldrop's. Then named varieties, like DAVID L. HANSEN. JEAN PICKLES, MAX PICKLES, CHRISTMAS GREETINGS, CIMARRON ROSE, HAWKEYE PIRDE, CHERRIES JUBILEE, and the wonderful CAMELOT RED. Yes, these are exciting days contemplating what magnificent wonders I have created.

I do remember planting SOME seeds from HORNY DEVIL, BASS GIBSON, RAZORWIRE, IRISH HALO, ANGEL'S GATHER ROUND, and a multitude of others SO YOU CAN SEE THAT ALL WERE NOT RED. It is fun to look into my crystal ball and see what beautiful cultivars I have created. So you see, I have been busy!

I would like to take a look back at the 9 month red seedlings that bloomed this year, in particular those involving H. 'Camelot Red' (Salter 2010). I was really excited about the kids I saw blooming from CR. The depth and clarity of red was just outstanding. Here is an image of CR.

H. 'Camelot Red'
(Salter, 2010)

Here are some of the kids

Seedling No. 1004
(Camelot Red X Doug's Caress)

Probably my favorite of the group and one that I used a lot of pollen in the greenhouse this year. The seedlings that I am going to show you all bloomed as 9 month seedlings in the greenhouse in March of 2011. This is the first time I have bloomed 9 month seedlings and it was really a pleasure to be able to use pollen from these seedlings.

Seedling No. 1016
(Camelot Red X Jean Pickles)

Seedling No. 1028
(Camelot Red X Jean Pickles)

Seedling No. 1040
[(Awesome Bob X Larry Allen Miller) X Camelot Red]

Seedling No. 1042
(Waldrop Seedling X Camelot Red)

Seedling No. 1052
[(Shores of Time X Larry Allen Miller) X Camelot Red]

Seedling No. 1061
[(Shores Of Time X Larry Allen Miller) X Camelot Red]

The next blog page I will show some of the parents used in making this years crop of seeds. I am excited about my red crosses this year and can't wait until next March to see some of them bloom in the greenhouse. They are then moved to the display beds outside and we hope they are as good out there.

Life is very, very good


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  1. I favour Camelot Red x Jean Pickles.
    I like the shape and colour. I like the way the petals overlap. a real beauty congrats
    Wendolyn Nicholds