Saturday, April 27, 2013

2001 - 2013

"As Long as Forever"

As long as you love me
I’ll stay by your side
I’ll be your companion
Your friend and your guide.
As long as you love me
As long as you care
I’ll do anything for you
I’ll go anywhere.
I’ll bring you the sunshine
I’ll comfort your fears
I’ll gather up rainbows
To chase all your tears.
As long as forever
My love will be true
For as long as you love me
I’ll only love you…

                                                           Lee and Jean


  1. that is sad.
    We have 2 dogs and 3 cats here. We know that.

    Best regards.

    1. Hi hemeroca7,

      Thanks for the message. We still have a small mixed breed 12 year old named Spikey and he is really mourning the absence of Sara. We also have a 4 year old snow shoe Siamese cat named Shiloh.


  2. What a great addition to your family! Enjoy the puppy, while she's still a puppy! Spikey & Shiloh will end up loving their new friend.

  3. When we first lost our German Shepherd Pearl to seizures we almost wanted to not have to go through that again. She was only 3 1/2 too young to go. We gave in and bought TWO.