Sunday, August 4, 2013

A New Journey Has Begun . . .

Sara Lee, our 12 year old yellow lab, left us on April 22, 2013 succumbing to a 9 month battle with pancreatic cancer. Our hearts were sad, but we know her spirit is in Heaven with God, creator of all life.

 A new exciting and sweet life entered our home and lives on July 24, 2013. A three month old yellow lab puppy whom we have named “Sara Jessie Lee” and she will be called “Jessie”. Wow! What an explosive bundle of energy, chewy teeth and wet paws (likes to play in her water bowl).

Spikey, our 12 year old rescued mixed breed male dog went with us to choose Jessie, and was not thrilled with her desire to jump and play. However, he is proving to be a good mentor on exploring the yard and mom’s flower garden, as well as on walks around the farm. He has already put her in her place several times.

And then there is Shiloh, our 4 year old male Snowshoe Siamese cat. The first meeting with Jessie was disastrous to say the least. Mom was holding Shiloh - all was calm - until Jessie decidecd to jump up and investigate. She had never seen a cat before. Explosion on Shiloh’s part - tore mom’s shirt (glad it was not an arm) on the fastest jump and run ever. Tail was three times it’s normal size! Since then he has spent the better part of three days under the bed. It has to get better.

This will be an exciting time again, with house training, obedience training, riding in the car, manners, meeting new people and playing at the doggie park at Greenway Farms. The hugs, cuddle time, and licky kisses will be the best and help Mom and Dad through the days ahead.

We wanted to share our new family member with you, for we know you realize how much we grew to love labs - not to replace, but to continue a “tradition”.

Life is very, very good.

Lee and Jean

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