Monday, June 28, 2010

Field bloom 8 . . .

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The daylily bloom season is all but over here in southeast Tennessee. I have even quit walking the seedling beds, the second year beds for the last time. I will now dig out my selecteds and pot to take in the greenhouse to hybridize with this winter. The remainder will get Round Up and then tilled into the ground with my new Woods tiller. 

There was one selected seedling blooming this morning that I thought worthy of a picture. It is Seedling No. 8067 (Mandalay Bay Music X Larry Allen Miller). I hope you enjoy it.

There were also a couple very nice blossoms on previous introductions.

H. 'Age Of Miracles' (Pickles, 2000) Height 26", bloom 4.5", season EM, Rebloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, 25 buds, 4 branches,  Creamy mauve with burgundy eye above green throat. (Rhine Maiden X Daring Dilemma).

H. 'Bodega Bay' (Pickles, 2008) Height 28", bloom 5.5", season M, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant,  Pink pearl polychrome. (Edge of Heaven × Horny Devil).

I am sorry to see the season come to an end. Sure, we will have some rebloom, but it just is not the same as the big flush. Yes, the daylily bloom is gone, but the people are still here. Attend a meeting near or far from your home and make some new friends.

Exciting things happen to those who hybridize daylilies!

Life is very, very good.



  1. Hi Lee, I know the feeling about the big rush when all are blooming. I spill coffe everywhere trying to get out the door to the seedling beds. i think i will take your advice and do just a little more on the tets. Dont get too hot. Jim Elliott

  2. Hi Mr. Lee, I really like 8067. I wish that I would have used Larry Allen Miller more last year. Could you send me the info for the "Summit" meeting in December?

    Josh Jaques

  3. Josh and Jim, Please send me your email addresses so I can send you information on The Daylily Hybridizers Summitt to be held in Chattanooga the first weekend in December. Thanks. Lee