Saturday, July 3, 2010

Field Work . . .

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This is the time of year for daylilies that I would just as soon as skip. Basically, the 2010 bloom has ended and with the heat and drought, it doesn't appear we will have much in the way of rebloom. I put water on one bed for four hours yesterday and had to dig a plant in that area today and there was no moisture present. Just to show you how hot and dry it is, I saw two oak trees today fighting over a male dog! Now, that is hot and dry.

Last winter, I moved some of the 2009 selected seedlings to the greenhouse to use in hybridizing. I potted them in trade 3 gallon pots. This past week I have been moving them outside, taking them out of the pots and planting them into one of my display beds. So far, I have 78 planted filling one bed and will now have to find somewhere for about 30 more. Then I have to move out the potted named varieties and decide which ones I will take back in next winter, then I guess I will put the others on the Lily Auction even though it doesn't look like things are selling well on there.Maybe it is the time of year.

To the left of the greenhouse above, I have three display beds where I plant my selected seedlings. The beds are 8' wide by 40' long. I plant 4 rows of seedlings, 24" apart which gives me 78 plants per bed. The back two beds have just had the selected seedlings from the last three years that didn't make the cut, dug and discarded. I will consolidate those remaining into one bed and then I can prepare the third bed for next year. The pots in front of the bed are named varieties from inside the greenhouse that I have used in hybridizing. Those shown above are some of the ones that will go back into the greenhouse this winter.

Spikey is a rescued mixed breed (Jean will not let me call him a mutt, saying, "God doesn't make mutts.") He is a little over 9 years old, about the same age as Sara Lee our yellow lab. When Spikey wants to eat, if I don't pay attention to him, he will jump up in my lap and stare me in the eyes. Do you think he is hungry? Here is Spikey and dad.

Many of you will remember Shiloh, our Seal Point Snow Shoe Siamese cat. When Siamese are born, they are almost white and their color changes as they get older. Here was Shiloh when he was about 8 weeks old.

Shiloh is now 1½ years old and has gotten most of his color. Here is Shiloh, taken today in the office. He helps me figure out what is wrong with the computer when I have trouble.

Isn't that a remarkable color change? He likes rubber bands to play with. He will bat them around and pick them up and carry them around in his teeth.

Another image of Jean's perennial garden. Her beds have been absolutely beautiful this year.

The bloom may be done here, but in other parts of this great country, it is just starting. If you are just beginning, enjoy it because it doesn't last long.  Remember, when the bloom is gone, the people are still here. As Kay Day Pricolla states, "We come to daylilies for the flower, but stay for the people". I am happy to say that I have a lot of daylily friends. Won't you be my friend?

Exciting things happen to those who hybridize daylilies!

Life is very, very good.



  1. it is dry here in Arkansas also, Mr. Lee.. I hate to dig up a new bed as i will loose that moisture. I will have to come see you this fall and see how the pros tend their garden. Dont eat too much tommorrow. Jim Elliott

  2. Hi Lee
    I enjoy your blog and read every post. I was so envious when you were posting gorgeous blooms from your greenhouse as my bloom season was so far away. Now yours is over and mine is just beginning! I am sure you are enjoying a rest from it as it sure is hard work, especially when it is really hot.

    I think Jeans perennial borders look fantastic especially given the heat you have. It is nice to have mixed beds of perennials for a change of scenery from daylilies. I notice she does have some daylilies in her beds and I think they make such great companion plants for so many other perennials and shrubs.

    Your place looks lovely and very well looked after. Keep up the good work on your blog - its a great read

    Jennie in England

  3. Wow!!!
    You have really outdone yourself.
    I especially like the first photo.
    Shiloh still has her white boots on.
    Cheers wendy.