Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yellows are my passion . . .

Many of you know that yellows are my passion, always have been, always will be. In my opinion, one to the finest yellows in commerce is Bob Carr's H. 'Wonder of It All' (Carr, 2006) which was among the final introductions prior to his death in 2007. WOIA has a barely perceptible lavender tint which allows it to go with some colors.  It has that impeccably round full form that I prefer, with big looping ruffles and great substance, which shows in it's kids. I do know that Bob was very proud of WOIA.

Yellows also seem to be the first flowers to begin blooming in the spring which is especially appealing to me. You can see a yellow from across the street or driving by at 40 mph. They are special flowers.

Here is my seedling No. 9008 which bloomed in the garden this morning. This is the first morning that we have had enough night heat for daylilies to open properly, and did 9008 ever put on a show.

Pollen Parent
H. 'Wonder of It All'
(Carr, 2006)

Pod Parent
H. Spectral Elegance'
(Stamile, 2002)

Seedling No. 9008

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