Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have blooms to share with you today, both from inside the greenhouse and from outside in the field. It has turned extremely unseasonably HOT here in southeast Tennessee, like many parts of this fine country of ours. I have been working on the display beds here at the farm, the ones between the fence of Jeans perennial bed and the greenhouse. I have dug and discarded all of the selected seedlings that turned out to be not worthy of selection. Funny how great they can look early in their lives and then just fall to pieces . . . . kind of like my friend, Tommy!

Well, this is the greenhouse image. I thought the greenhouse was about done and it keeps surprising me with these very nice faces.

Seedling No. 2109 (Bluegrass Memories X Desire of Nations)

Now to the outside flowers.

Seedling No. 1053 (Rock Solid X Bluegrass Memories)

Seedling No. 8192 (Country Jazz X Wonder of it All)

Seedling No. 1109 [(Mandalay Bay Music X Wonders Never Cease) X Robert W. Carr]

Seedling No. 9054 (Some Sweet Day X Robert W. Carr)

Seedling No. [(American Doll X Some Sweet Day) X Tom Allen Seedling]

Seedling No. 0745 (Wonder of it all X Shelter Cove)
Will be introduced in 2013.
I will end with one of my previous introductions taken in the field today.

 H. 'Dancing With The Stars' (Pickles 2011)

That's all for today. Remember, left click on image will make it larger.

Life is very, very good.


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  1. All those flowers are beautiful but sdlg 2109 and 9054 are the ones I love the most ! thanks Lee for showing your production !