Friday, June 1, 2012

Inside/Outside 6/1/12

I am continually amazed with the 9-month seedlings blooming in the greenhouse. I thought they would be done long ago, but they still keep coming. We have a reprieve form the extreme heat today that will last 3 or 4 days. The good news is that the temps will be in the mid 80s for next weekend's Region 10 Meeting and Garden Tour here in the Chattanooga area. The bad news is that they are calling for 30% chance of thunderstorms. I guess that does leave a 70% chance that they won't occur.

Here are some 9-month seedlings from the greenhouse.

 Seedling No. 2060 (Camelot Red X Home of the Free)

Seedling No. 2101 (Home of the Free X Doug's Caress)

Seedling No. 2099 [Rockets Bursting in Air X (Camelot Red X Doug's Caress)]

Seedling No. 2112 [Camelot Red X (Santa's Little Helper X Running Hot)]

Seedling No. 2091 (Bluegrass Memories X Desire of Nations)

Now for a couple field seedling pictures.

Seedling No. 2154 (Fabulous Black Pearl X Bass Gibson)

Seedling No. 2155 (Fabulous Black Pearl X Bass Gibson)

Seedling No. 2058 [(Painting the Roses Red X Wonder of it All) X Robert W. Carr]

If you would like to attend our Region 10 Meeting and Garden Tour, please email me for information. I would guess that we will have in the neighborhood of 100 registrations. Please come and meet all of these wonderful daylily people.

Life is very, very good


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  1. Very good job Lee,the reds are outstanding and those purples with chalky eyes just have me drooling. You should do some f-1 crosses and get them a little closer. The lavender with the chicken fat thats outside is pretty nice too. Now those you have showed this bloom season are worth getting out of bed for!!Jim Elliott