Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Field Blooms 6/3/2012

On Wednesday, I ordered 12 cubic yards of Mushroom Compost. For those of you who don't know what Mushroom Compost is, here are the ingredients: "Mushroom Compost is made from agricultural materials, such as hay, straw, straw horse bedding, poultry litter, cottonseed meal, cocoa shells and gypsum. Sphagnum peat moss adds to the organic nature of the substrate, providing a consistent, formulated and homogeneous product". I use it to refresh beds about every 2 years. I will spread 2" to 4" on a bed and till it in, preferably leaving it for a month before transplanting, but that doesn't always happen.

This is one of my display beds, where selected seedlings are grown out until either selected for introduction or discarded. Most of the time, it is discarded! In this instance, I will dump 10 tractor bucket loads end to end on the bed. Then I will rake out to the desired depth and till it in. The earth worms love this stuff. Once you get the odor of Mushroom Compost in your nostrils, it is there for at least a week. Lots of horse manure in it!

These images were taken in the field this morning. They are taken in full sun . . . I like that because people grow them in full sun, not shade.

Seedling No. 2154 (Fabulous Black Pearl X Bass Gibson) This is a repeat, showing better color.
Seedling No. 9055 (Victorian Lace X Robert W. Carr)

Seedling 9064 (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis X Robert W. Carr)

Seedling No. 1046 (Rock Solid X Tom Allen seedling)

 Seedling 2115 *Bluegrass Memories X Desire of Nations)
This was one of those WOW's when I walked into the greenhouse today. Definitely a late bloomer, anyway as a seedling. I think this is one of the finest BGM kids I have seen, and I have seen a lot.

We are beginning to get excited! Our Regional Meeting and Garden Tours are right here in Chattanooga this coming weekend. Lots of old friends, some new ones, and maybe a bottle or three of good wine shared with these friends. There is still time for you to come and join us.
Life is very, very good.

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