Monday, September 5, 2011

2012 Introductions . . . Part 3

We are finally getting some rain! Have had over 1" so far and Tropical Depression Lee is just getting started. It is predicted that we will continue to get rain through Wednesday. We are happy, happy. Luckily we had all the planned lining out done in the field before this rain started. I have some orders to be dug for shipment on Tuesday that will have to wait until this weekend . . . probably ship Saturday if the Post Office is still in operation. Just heard on the news that they may have to close down because they cannot meet their financial obligations this month. The are looking for a bailout from Congress. I guess the times are hard all over!

2012 Introduction No. 3 (Left click for a larger image)

 H. "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead'

s/f ... $100.00 ... d/f ... $150.00
24” EM SEv EMO Ext 4¼”, 4-way branching, 23 buds. Petals 2½” sepals 1¼”.
    Teeth, hooks and fringes on the petals surround the lemon yellow segments which are washed lightly in pink. Opens well and is like the picture every morning. The substance is very heavy and this one holds up well in rain and sun. Pod and pollen fertile in the greenhouse. A very nice cultivar to add to your toothy program.
No. 0751 (Horny Devil X Golden Tentacles)

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