Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2012 Introductions . . . Part 8

I had donated about 600 1 gallon potted daylily seedlings to the City of Chattanooga Parks Department and yesterday City employees arrived with a big truck. It took three trips to get them all. I will get a nice tax donation letter from the City . . . much better than composting them. The seedlings were still in the greenhouse so now that they were removed, this morning I spent time cleaning up getting ready to transplant the peat pot seedlings to one gallon pots. It is always fun transplanting and trying to imagine what I will get from each of the crosses. A good time!

2012 Introduction No. 8 (Left click for a larger image) 

H. 'Steppin’  Out With My Baby’

s/f ... $85.00 ... d/f ... $125.0035" ML SEv EMO Ext LFr Re 6". 5-way branching, 27 buds. Petals 3”, sepals 2”.
    This has been one of my perennial (am I allowed to say that) favorites in the garden. A complex overlay of strawberry syrup mixed with lemonade shows up in the color.  A bright lemon throat leads to a green heart. It has a delicate appearance, but the substance is as heavy as leather and defies the sun and rain to touch it. Opens like pictured every morning. Very round and full, the petals are heavily ruffled with some light relief sculpting in evidence. The tall scapes carry the heavily branched and budded scape. A very fine daylily. Pod and pollen fertile. No. 8153 (Judy Farquar X Wonder Of It All)

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Life is very, very good.


  1. Definitely another winner with the heavy ruffling and clear pink color.

  2. Steppin out indeed!! that is awesome Lee

  3. Once again the kind of flowers I like. Good luck for this one !

  4. Thanks to all of you for looking and commenting on my introductions. This last one is very special for me.