Friday, September 16, 2011

2012 Introductions . . . Part 6

This weekend I am headed toward the northeast and the Connecticut Daylily Society to present my program. I believe the meeting is at 1:00 PM Saturday and I am looking forward to sharing what I know with the club. Also looking forward to meeting Rich Howard and the other CDS members. Saturday afternoon Rich will be taking me to his home to see his operation which I am really looking forward to.

The last couple days I have been removing the ground cloth paths between the seedling beds in preparation for tilling under the 3500 seedlings. After the ground cloth was removed, I mowed off the tops of the daylilies and the weeds growing in the beds.Now to put the tiller on the Kubota and till them under.

Our weather made an abrupt change today, in the low 70s with night time temps in the 50s. Great working and sleeping weather.

2012 Introduction No. 6 (Left click for a larger image)

 H. 'Moments In Moonlight’

s/f ... $65.00 ... d/f ... $100.00
36" ML SEv Re EMO Ext 5¾". 4-way branching, 23 buds. Petals 2¾”, sepals 1¾”.
    A polychrome of lemon and pink over cream. Shows some light sculpting and should work well in a sculpting program. A yellow throat which finishes in a pistachio heart completes the picture. The form is very round with the petal edges being heavily ruffled. The substance is very heavy which allows it to hold up in sun and on a rainy day. Has good branching and bud count on a very tall flower. Fertile. No. 0786 (Mandalay Bay Music X Wonders Never Cease)

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  1. Hello Lee,

    Thanks for posting the wonderful registrations. Some days it really helps to see something beautiful. A very good balance to what passes for news these days.

    Do you have a moonlight shot of this beauty ?

    Thanks again.