Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2012 Introductions . . . Part 5

I have spent the last couple days selecting potted cultivars to take into the greenhouse this winter for hybridizing. I have a variety . . . reds, eyes and edges, seedlings and yellows (naturally) etc., etc. My goal is to have about 150 pots to hybridize with. I can generate more seeds with that number than I can plant. It has been fun to think what you would like to do, then select the plants to do it.

2012 Introduction No. 5 (Left click for a larger image)

  H. 'Jukebox Saturday Night’ 

s/f ... $85.00 ... d/f ... $125.00
35”" M SEv EMO Ext Re 6". 4-way branching, 21 buds. Petals 3”, sepals 1¾”
    A hearty clear pinot noir with slightly darker veining. Both petals and sepals have an edge of yellow/gold. Petals are crimped, folded and ruffled. A lemon throat matches segment’s edges and leads to a green heart. Substance is very good for a purple but does fade some in a very hot sun. Pod and pollen fertile in the greenhouse. No. 8175 (Singular Sensation X Larry  Allen Miller)

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