Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blooms, April 18, 2012

Blooms in the greenhouse, April 15, 2012

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We have returned to the bottom of the roller coaster ride. Our temps today will not go above 59º and tonight will drop down to 51º, so it is a little chilly in the greenhouse. In spite of the temp, the flowers were open pretty well this morning. It is almost 3:00 PM and I just checked the temp in the greenhouse and it was 85º. Even though it is cloudy, evidently the greenhouse still gets some heat from the sun. The 9-month red seedlings really popped this morning.

The first seedling I noticed this morning was Seedling No. 2012 [#0026 (Awesome Bob X Christmas Greetings) X #1004 (Camelot Red X Doug's Caress). From two of my seedlings, one  #1004, was a 9-month seedling last year and I was able to use the pollen last year. With the greenhouse, it is nice to be able to jump a generation in 1 year rather than my normal 2-3 years.

Seedling No. 2014 [#0026 (Awesome Bob X Christmas Greetings)  X Barbara Mandrell]. Notice the pod parent on this seedling is the same as 2012. The color is very similar, with a lighter watermark and that nice green throat. 

This seedling is from our toothy line. Seedling No. 0768 (Golden Tentacles X Horny Devil). I have been building up the inventory on this seedling in the field and will have enough to introduce it in 2013. It is pod and Pollen fertile. I am still looking for a name for this seedling. If you have a suggestion, send it and I will give it consideration.

Now to the named varieties blooming this morning.

H. 'Jukebox Saturday Night'  (Pickles 2012)
35”" M SEv EMO Ext Re 6". 4-way branching, 21 buds. Petals 3”, sepals 1¾”
A hearty clear pinot noir with slightly darker veining. Both petals and sepals have an edge of yellow/gold. Petals are crimped, folded and ruffled. A lemon throat matches segment’s edges and leads to a green heart. Substance is very good for a purple but does fade some in a very hot sun. Pod and pollen fertile in the greenhouse. No. 8175 (Singular Sensation X Larry  Allen Miller)

H. 'Robert W. Carr' (Pickles 2010) Shows a darker color in the greenhouse.
32" EM D Re VFr 5¾". Four-way branching, 27 buds.
This polychrome of ivory pink  has a throat of yellow that matches the heavily ruffled and fluted edge. The substance is very heavy and it holds well in rain or sun. The plants are husky with arching  foliage and increase rapidly. The blossom is lightly sculpted and is very fragrant. The petals are 3", sepals 2" and is very pod and pollen fertile and producing some exciting seedlings. Seedling.  0616 (Mandalay Bay Music X Wonders Never Cease).

H. 'Red Sapphire' (Waldrop 2009)
31", bloom 6", season EM, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 18 buds, 5 branches,  Strawberry with diamond red eye and yellow edge above green throat. ((Cherry Valentine × Crazy Ivan) × Cane Creek Falls). MY COMMENT - RS does have teeth and it throws teeth to it's kids.

H. 'Home of the Free' (Grace 2012)
6",28" EV FR E FR  2-3 Lat. 30 buds. HOME OF THE FREE is the first true red Graceland Gardens has ever released. HOME OF THE FREE is the closest to a true Christmas red of anything we've ever bloomed. My good friend Bill Waldrop has test grown HOME OF THE FREE in Marietta, GA and it has done very well. HOME OF THE FREE is a very strong grower and in South Alabama repeat scapes 3-4 times a season. Fertile both ways! 

That is my report for today. Thanks for looking

Life is very, very good.



  1. Lee,

    I do like the toothy daylily. I always try for a name that is a mixture of the parents. How about Golden Devil, or Horny Tentacles? I like the first one, the second is a little out there. It looks like the Salter's Camelot Red is turning out to be a great parent for you? Is it both pollen and pod fertile? Any other Salter daylilies you would recommend for hybridizing? Some favorites of mine are Cool Confections, Holy Guacamole, Emerald Dream, and Heartfelt Challenge. That's just to name a few. I love a lot of their new stuff. I wish I could have been at your Tennessee meeting when they spoke there. Anyway, appreciate any info.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Camelot Red is both pollen and pod fertile and a very good parent. I would also try Cimarron Rose.

      We had a great time with the Salters' when they were here. Thanks for commenting.


  2. A suggestion for a name for your unnamed yellow toothed seedling: Name it "Dent Jaune." "Dent Jaune" is a mountain in France in the chain Dents du Midi (teeth of the south.) The translation of the name is "the yellow tooth." It's a pretty daylily.

    1. Hi Nelda,

      Foreign words are not my favorites for naming plants, but thanks for the suggestions. Thanks for looking at my blog.


  3. To be honest, for a french guy, I never heard about dents du midi chain. After a quick search it appears to be a swiss chain, that is why :-).

    I am fan of your 2 named daylilies !

    Waiting impatiently for the next pictures ! Bye !

  4. Thanks for the correction! Didn't read my source close enough.

  5. Lee,

    I'd suggest 'Horns of a Dilemma'

    the idiom dictionary defines this phrase as:

    Idiom: Horns of a dilemma

    If you are on the horns of a dilemma, you are faced with two equally unpleasant options and have to choose one.

    Which pretty much describes almost all political elections these days .

    Tim Fehr

    1. Hi Tim,

      How about this roller coaster weather. It is cool and rainy here today but not cool enough to bother the plants. Lots of scapes showing everywhere. We are going to be at peak 2 or 3 weeks early this year.

      Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog.