Friday, April 16, 2010

Greenhouse Bloom 10 . . .

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About five years ago, I was speaking to the Northern California Daylily Society when a lady came up and introduced herself as Marilyn Morss Johnson, the twin sister of Mort Morss. When meeting her, I knew they had to be twins, because she was just as nice as Mort. Well, I have been fortunate enough to be able to grow the flower H. 'Marilyn Morss Johnson' this year in the greenhouse and see it bloom and use it's pollen. It has an eye pattern that I am hoping will carry through to some of the seeds that I am making. Mort has to be very proud of this introduction. The image is shared by David and Mort.
Here is an enlargement of the eye pattern.

Our 2010 introduction of H. 'Rober W. Carr' is blooming and looks much like it does outside. The majority of the time, a greenhouse flower will not be as good as one grown outside. It shows it's delicate pink coloration along with the yellow bubbly edge with a yellow throat to match the edge. It does carry the sculpting gene and shows up in many of it's seedlings. A very pretty flower to honor my friend Dr. Bob Carr.

One of the seedlings from H. 'Robert W. Carr' is seedling No. 9046 which has H. 'Some Sweet Day' as the pollen parent and is shown to the left. The seedling has a patterned eye and shows a lot of blue/gray in it, and is being used extensively in our breeding this spring. If you look closely, it has a triple edge, one of them repeating the eye color. Size is about 6" Here is No. 9046.

Another seedling blooming is No. 9058 (Judy Farquar X Belle Cook). I have shown these parents in earlier blogs. The color is very bright and shows a large patterned eye that encompases most of the flower. A double edge highlights this flower. Here is 9058.

When the group visited last weekend, I caught a lot of flack for one flower that was blooming. It was H. Free Wheelin' introduced by Pat Stamile. Most of you know I am a bagel person so why the UF? Well, I had been drinking wine one night and someone said, "Let's make a trade." I said, "Sure." I didn't pay much attention to it but you can imagine my fear of visitors when I saw this flower bloom. Here it is. I have no idea on earth what to do with it!

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and purchased a 42" tiller for the back of our Kubota garden tractor that we mow the yard with. I finally got tired of the rough tilling that the John Deere does. If this works well for me, then I plan to purchase a front end loader for the Kubota, then sell the John Deere. A front end loader is a must that really saves on my back. If this happens, I will be sad to see it go because I have had some type of John Deere lawn or garden tractor since 1968. They used to be the best tractor made, now they are all made in China!

Life is very, very good



  1. I love the color on 9046!! It's a real beauty.

  2. Hi Lee, I agree with Jill. I also like 9046. Beautiful daylily.

  3. Hi Lee, just a fast note to let you know that there are people in Canada following your blog and I am one of them. I was glad you did not quit hybridizing by adopting an arbitrary date and then sticking to it! I think flexibility is the name of the game for daylilies. You have some wonderful seedlings this year and it is nice to see they come in colours other than yellow! Lanny Morry in Manotick, Ont. Canada