Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Greenhouse Bloom 9 . . .

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The greenhouse is probably at peak right now if it is possible to determine that. Two of the cultivars blooming are from my friend, Bill Waldrop of Kennesaw Mountain Daylilies in Marietta, GA. The first has been a favorite of mine the last couple years that I have grown it, H. 'Kennesaw Mountain Hayride' 27" SEv. It could be a little taller, but when you look at that magnificent flower, height is the last thing you think of. I am using Bill's image because I could not find mine on my computer.

Bill's second flower to bloom was H. 'Emerald Lace' another 27" tall cultivar. The green edge is what sets this flower off from all others. Bill believes this flower will produce magnificent green edged kids, which is what I am using it for. This is my image and you can see it is missing the pollen.

One of the seedlings to bloom, No. 0753, is a cross of H. 'Mandalay Bay Music' (top left) (Jeff Salter) X H. 'Wonders Never Cease' (bottom left) (Bob Carr). As you can see, it has that "bagel" form that I prefer, along with great substance. The color is nice and clear. About a 5½ flower. Image is shown below. I like the bold yellow throat which ends in a green heart. A little sculpting is evident which increases in hot weather.

I keep thinking that I will stop my hybridizing in the greenhouse because I already have more seeds that I will be able to plant, however, when I walk in in the morning, I see something and think, I need to put such and such on that and WOW will it make nice kids. Oh well, it is better to have too many than not enough like last year.

Life is very, very good.


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  1. Lee I appreciate your pictures and your good comments. I have had to tell good friends that I no longer have KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE. This is so sad because I really want everyone to see this gorgeous daylily. I would expect EMERALD LACE to look much better "with its pollen." It will produce more green on the edges of its petals.