Sunday, April 11, 2010

Visitors & Greenhouse Bloom 8 . . .

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 The Tennessee Valley Daylily Society met on Saturday, April 10 with our featured speakers, Herbie and Gale Phelps of Kentucky. They presented an overview of their hybridizing program which all agreed was outstanding. After the meeting, we had visitors to view the bloom in the greenhouse.
Among those visiting were (L to R) Herbie and Gale Phelps, Kentucky; Linda and Sam Hassler, Crossville, TN; and Karen and Steve Newman, Delano, TN. I would guess that in another week the greenhouse will be at peak bloom. I believe I already have enough pods set to supply my seed needs for a couple years . . . at least. Unlike last year, seed set has been rather easy this year.

One of the outstanding seedlings to bloom today is a cross of H. 'Mandalay Bay Music' (Salter 2001 - left bottom) X H. 'Some Sweet Day' (Stamile 2006 - left upper). The resulting seedling, No. 9060 is shown below (large image).

Although it does not show a lot in this picture, there is a lot of blue in the eye and edge. A real stunner!

There have been several seedlings to bloom from a cross of H. 'Awesome Bob' X H. 'Larry Allen Miller'. Images of these two can be found on earlier blogs. Here are some that I think are pretty good.
Seedling No. 8167
Seedling No. 8176

Seedling No. 8163

 Seedling No. 8170
It is amazing the variety you can get from one set of parents. You can also see that you do not have to have the latest and greatest to get some amazing flowers.

I wanted to add one more image taken at the Iowa Pollen Dabber's meeting in Marshalltown, IA on March 26 and 27, 2010. This is the largest group that ever attended this meeting. I think there were around 45 people. As you can see, the daylily brings friends together. Photo by Kyle Billadeau.

Life is very, very good.


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