Saturday, April 24, 2010

Greenhouse Bloom 13 . . .

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I thought I would do something a little different today. I am pretty proud of our 2010 introduction, H. 'Robert W. Carr', named in honor of my late friend Dr. Bob Carr. In September 2007, Bob called me from the hospital and asked if I would send him some seedling pictures to view since he had not been able to see bloom that spring. I did, and he returned two and asked, “If either of these make the cut, would you name it for me?” Of course, I said yes. Ironically, it has the same parents as Bob’s H. ‘Wonder Of It All’.

I am going to show you several seedlings, all with one thing in common, one of the parents is H. 'Robert W. Carr'. Please enjoy.

H. 'Robert W. Carr'

 No. 9064 (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis X Robert W. Carr)

No. 9065 (Lone Wolf X Robert W. Carr)

No. 9049 (Serenity Bay X Robert W. Carr)

No. 9057 (Robert W. Carr X Some Sweet Day)

No. 9046 (Robert W. Carr X Some Sweet Day)

You can see the diversity having one common parent and crossing it with a different parent.

As I looked around the greenhouse this morning I was shocked at the number of white cross tags indicating pods. I had thought to myself the other day that I should stop this nonsense but then the next day there would be an entirely new bloom that I just had to use. However, I have given myself until the 30th of April and then I will stop! We shall see how this works. Is this another New Year's resolution in April?

Life is very, very good.



  1. I would enjoy any comments, good or bad, that you might wish to make. If you don't mind using your real name, I would enjoy knowing it. Please enjoy.

  2. Lee,

    I messed up; I posted a comment on an entry a few days back that is meant for this one.


  3. Gerrit,

    I went back and got your comment and pasted it below. Thanks for looking



    IMHO the offspring of the flower that you named after the Good Doctor should tell you that April 30th is too early!
    This kind of diversity wants/needs to be explored.
    If only to give you a headstart on Tommy&the rest of the world!

    Gerrit from The Low Countries by the Sea
    April 24, 2010 1:42 PM

  4. Lee, I love your ROBERT W. CARR. It bloomed for me in the Greenhouse this morning. I'm surprised that you are developing such diversity from using ROBERT W. CARR. Very nice!

  5. Bill,
    Did RWC look like my picture in your greenhouse. I am hoping that you will put your seedling 9-38 on it. Could be some incredible seedlings. Let me know when you get in good bloom and I will come down.

  6. I like the contrast on No. 9065 between the eye and the petal, it makes it jump out.