Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Greenhouse Bloom 14 . . .

How about some of you in Canada and across the pond. Comments can be made at the end of this page . . . it is easy and I would like to know how you enjoy the blog. If it not against your nature, please identify yourself.
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It just did not seem proper to stop on Greenhouse Bloom 13! Maybe I should have skipped 13 altogether. Also, I wanted to show you our Chinese Fringe Tree which is just off our patio in the back yard. We planted this tree shortly after moving here in 1993 so I would guess that it was planted in about 1995 so that would make it about 15 years old. The Fringe Tree is unlike other flowering trees with which I am familiar, it leafs out and then flowers. Most trees flower then leaf out. These flowers are very dainty and fragrant. If you put some on your arm it is like what I imagine several butterflies landing on your arm would feel like. Here is the Chinese Fringe Tree.
One of the cultivars always catching my eye in the greenhouse is Don Lovell's "SELWYN", named for Selwyn Rash of Ellsworth, IA. The reason I listed it this way is that I am not sure if Don has registered it yet or not. Maybe he will leave a comment at the bottom of this blog telling us. It is a beauty and I have been spreading its pollen. On top of the beauty, it is also dormant. Here is "SELWYN."

A noteworthy late blooming seedling is No. 8192 (Country Jazz X Wonder Of It All). WOIA was the pollen parent, CJ was the pod parent. I like the the eye and the way it is etched, and the petal edge which has a very fine line to match the eye plus a very fine white edge, much like its pod parent but much stronger color. A very striking flower. Below is 8192.

I am estimating that it is going to be about 3 weeks before the 8000 seedlings in the field start blooming. If this weather does not warm up (today in the 50s) it may be a month. I think the seedling bloom is what keeps me going. 

Attend a daylily function near you (or even far). The friends you make will last a lifetime where a daylily only lasts a day. If you are headed south on I-24 or I-75 to the National Convention, we are only about 20 minutes off the interstate. Please stop and visit with us.

Life is very, very Good.



  1. Lee I love how you are so down to earth, a helper an enabler! LOL Great job on your web site, am going to attempt to post again, hope it works this time, Debbie K, Friedlander

  2. Lee, the registration paper for SELWYN is probably still on Don's desk where "Hawkeye Pride" and "Hawkeye Power" is. Don will get it done.


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  4. That third one, the apricot one... what is it called!? I love it.