Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greenhouse Bloom 12 . . .

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This post will be a little different. Instead of featuring daylilies, I will show some other bloom in the greenhouse. Every year Jean starts annuals for planting in her perennial gardens. She uses the annuals for instant and length of bloom. This year she planted 12 trays of marigold 'Janie' for lots of edging color. I think these were planted around March 1. This year's crop is the best she has ever had because the spider mites did not get into them as usual. I began spraying as soon as potted plants were taken into the greenhouse in December and continued for several weeks after. This eliminated the spider mite, thrips, fungus gnats, etc. problems that I normally have. Please see Jean's marigolds below.

Another thing she usually starts are Zinneas. This years crop is the best ever. Started around March 1, you can see that they are straight and tall, unlike a lot of years where they have gotten stringy and bent over. She will plant these out in one of the raised beds and use for cut flowers. She grows a myriad of other perennials along with the annuals.

I would be remiss if I did not include one daylily seedling. Below is seedling No 9048, a cross of H. 'Crazy Ivan' (top left) Grace-Smith 2005 as the pollen parent and H. 'Elisa Dallas' (bottom left) Trimmer 2004 as the pod parent. I refer to 9048 as "Pansy Eye" because that is what it looks like. The eye color is actually more like Crazy Ivan than what it shows here.

Seedling No. 9048 (Elisa Dallas X Crazy Ivan)

I had no idea what a blog was until I heard Nikki Schmith's talk at the 2010 Mid-Winter Symposium in Nashville, TN. After watching, I thought , "I can do that." And I did. It does get a little frustrating at times when you want to format something and it does not want to cooperate, but just wait a minute and sneak up on it when it is not looking and figure some way around the problem. Blogs are free, they do not cost to maintain on some computer stuck back in Russia or China somewhere, it is on your computer. The space does not cost you anything (which I have a hard time understanding) and the domain name doesn't cost anything. If you are interested, the one I use is . . . give it a try, you may enjoy it.

Life is very, very good.



  1. I am so glad you were listening instead of sleeping during my talk! I'm proud of you for sticking with it and creating a fabulous blog that I love to read, with great photography to boot!

  2. Hi Nikki,
    I don't know whether to thank you or blame you. These things can become an obsession. I always enjoy reading your blog also. I haven't noticed, do you have a counter? The one Bill W. and I use is free. Try it at

  3. Hi Lee
    I really (!!) like 9048, much better than the seedling you posted last month from the same cross - I see you numbered this one, I guess it will be a keeper !
    Thanks for sharing your work throught the blog.

  4. Christiaan,
    I guess I need to go back and make a note of everything that I have put up so far to avoid duplicates. Thanks for your comment and if it was pictured here, it had a number. Thanks for looking and commenting.

  5. I really love those Janie marigolds. I can't fine the Janie Primrose anymore so may need to start some of my own next year-on my to do list!! Those Bob Carr parentage daylilies are all beautiful!!